The Horrors Of Cosplaying

No Rest For The Sewer. Staying up will become second hand to you as you be up till 5 in the morning before the convention frantically finishing off your cosplay as you struggle not to sew your sleeve to your costume as you are just so tired, then you end up sewing your hand and your outfit is ruined.

Dropping Money Like Nicholas Cage. Your drop money so fast when your a cosplayer the moment it’s in your hands is the moment you spend it.

Not So Glamorous. Everybody thinks sewing is glamorous that you do it while wearing perfectly clean clothes and have beautiful styled  hair but the truth is your doing this in your PJ’s while you add another layer of bandages to your hands because you are so sleep deprived you have cut your hand, stabbed it with pins and for good measure you have managed to pour hot glue all over it because you were busy watching a tutorial on how to finish off making your armour and your going ‘oh shit’ because you don’t have the materials, then you collapse on the ground and sleep away the day missing the first part of the convention.

Everything Goes Wrong On The Day You Cosplay. You know that famous saying everything that can go wrong will go wrong, on the day of the convention you end up losing half your costume to the ground, lost your sword to a five year old who wants to cut his sister to ribbons and end up extreme foot pain that ends with you layed up for five days on the couch.

The Circle Of Suffering. Somehow when it’s all over, when you  hang your costume up, you want to cosplay all over again creating a continuos loop of pain suffering and constant state of being broke, much like a person who decides to continue there education.