Steven Universe: Wanted Promo Analysis

Hi this is Weird here and I decided to write an analysis of the Steven Universe promo Wanted I known that others have done similar but I thought I would give you my view on what I saw and maybe I can make you see my way to. I won’t be covering the scenes from Stuck Together as the episode has already debut, but that’s enough of an introduction let’s dive in shall we.

Lars is sweating bullets as he’s scanned by the roaming eye but nothing happens to him only Steven, who’s gem glows. The few scene’s I saw with the same background had Lars destroy it as it was attacking Steven for what I can only assume is trespassing. For once in his life Lars seems to be digging deep into his emotional bag pulling up on courage that has been buried by cowardice and fear. Though I don’t know how long this wave of courage will last. For in the next few scenes we see Steven and Lars steal Blue Diamonds palanquin and I know how frightful the diamonds can be once you have enraged them.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 3.54.32 PM

I have been waiting for so long to see the Diamonds in action and finally we will get the chance to witness there power or at least Yellow Diamonds powers as she is clearly being shown using it or at least directing those electrical currents that are moving across her body. By her expression she clearly knows what she’s doing and not in pain at all as her eyes give away that she’s focused and in control.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 4.20.50 PM

The kindergarten that was shown being blown up has all perfect holes from which various gems have emerged from. From the episode kindergarten kid we know these are jasper quality holes, perfect in every way creating gems that are flawless. The way they are shaped and by how large they are I believe these are where most of the Rose Quartz have emerged from and possibly a few smaller gems as the holes aren’t large enough. Why is this important. If you remember correctly in the episode Gem Heist. The room where Blue Diamond is kneeling the ceiling is covered in Rose Quartz gems that have been bubbled. During this scene I couldn’t help but wonder why they still kept the soldiers around and didn’t shatter them? Even Yellow Diamond asks this but now I have an idea about why she kept them. Either it’s because of sentimentality that Blue Diamond has for her sister Pink Diamond previously shown off by collecting more humans for the zoo or a far darker reason. From the direct lyrics Yellow Diamonds song in Gem Heist these Rose Quartz’s rebelled against Home World so the only logical reason of why Blue Diamond kept them, was that Home World might meet an enemy so big they cannot defeat them with their current resources and would need extra help. After all the Sapphire’s of Blue Diamonds court are nearly 100% accurate in their depictions of the future and after all if you want to know why you start a war a Sapphire will know.

Due to the lack of information I do not know if they are on a space station or on Home World, but from the aesthetics my eyes are leading me to a space station because of the similarities between the station on which the zoo was located on. Home World is all about efficiently so they would keep the same design and not keep creating new designs unless for a technical purposes as Yellow Diamond is far to logical to change outward Designs for the sake of changing them. Though the inward design with all the cheeses graters is strange, what could be the reasoning of that design.

As we move further into the building we see Steven is sitting in a indent in White Diamonds shape. As we know this part moves. I can write with certainty that this will turn into a podium for him to stand on so he can reach the Diamonds eye sights so they don’t have to look down at him as they cast judgment but straight into his eyes.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 3.53.50 PM

With the way Blue Diamond is scrutinising Steven it reminds me of a cop grilling a suspect they just know is guilty of whatever crime they are accusing them off. I can practically hear the cogs turning in Blue Diamonds mind as she observes Steven, as though she’s trying to push the truth out of him with her eyes. By all appearances Blue Diamond was the most physically affected by the death of Pink Diamond. Going into a deep depression that Yellow Diamond tried to pull her out of but the only thing that possibly could was capturing Rose Quartz and exacting justice and as we know from the recently released synopsis for this episode is, “Steven goes to court with the Diamonds and is put on trial.” So my initial thoughts were correct but I do wonder if this trial will be an actual trial or a fast with the outcome already decided.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 4.23.51 PM

I speculated with myself that this gem was a historian because of her monocle and her general design, but after reviewing the footage it’s clear to me that she is a lawyer as her nervous or possibly frightful expression that she’s wearing can be explained by defending Home Worlds most notorious criminal Rose Quartz. A high profile case such as that would have the most hardened lawyers shaking in there bell bottoms as she is about face off with the diamonds who with a single word can have her shattered.

There has been much discussion about what this gem could be but after strenuous analysis I have come to the conclusion that this is Moonstone gem. The monocle she wears is a calling card to the moon with it’s shape but it might just have something to do with the fetish that Home World has for eye wear. Her Mohawk is very reminiscent of a crescent moon. Finally the bell bottoms which was a fashion staple around the 1960s to the 1970s and it was 1969 when the moon landing took place. Her colour which is a blue that when the floor lights it turns her coloring to an almost white sheen and it has been described by the Gem Society that, ‘Moonstones are prized for their adularescence, an optical phenomenon that creates the appearance of billowy clouds of blue to white light with a moonlight sheen.’

This gem is giving me a very deep impression that she is in fact a Moonstone and is doing very little to turn me from that direction of thinking.

Along with this new promo it has been discussed that Steven and Lars will fuse and who will be the voice as either Jeremy Shada or Adam McArthur and I honestly hope the voice is Adam McArthur.

Marco talks with a nasally tone which he and Lars share as well as both characters prone to momentary freak outs. Accompanied by brief moments of maturity with fixing problems with adult solutions which is what Steven is known for, I don’t know if it’s going to Adam McArthur or Jeremy Shada the voice of Finn the Human and no offence to him but his voice would feel strange coming out of the Selar (The Steven and Lars fusion).

Well those are just my jumbled thoughts on the Steven Universe promo if you, have your own thoughts on this please write them into the comments below. Please like and subscribe because that always makes me happy.


Gem Harvest-The Inner Look


Recently a press image was released for the Steven Universe episode Gem Harvest where we see all the gems except Steven in the image, as he’s the only one not in the picture we can conclude that he is the subject there all gazing upon but why would this be and with such queer expressions, after a great deal of time I have dissected there facial feature along with their body language which tell’s the entire story of what there looking at or what I believe they are looking at.

Garnet is smiling, now we all know why Garnet generally smiles fusion seems to be her trigger for showing a smile that looks as though it may crack her face in two, but this smile doesn’t look as though it would break her face in half, it’s a soft sweet smile like the one she wore in Log Date 7-15-2 when she was looking up towards home world.

I find lapis smiling extremely strange as she does not smile a lot and whenever she does I can sense a weight on her shoulders as if a constant beating down on her back holds her smile from actually being a smile. The one she wearing now with her guard down, I have only seen this once before when Lapis was on her way home. Her entire body is telling me she is looking upon an old friend that she hadn’t seen in a while, someone she once cared for deeply and is extremely glad to see them.

Moving onto Pearl’s face she doing an O thing that reminds me of a fish, this actually gives away a lot on what is happening, as we have seen before pearl’s surprised face which is frazzled with mouth askew with eyes enlarged in such away that it would look strange in real life. So what ever she’s seeing does not surprise her but intrigues her.

Amethyst’s bears a similar look to Pearl’s face, it is a look of wonderment not truly surprise as I find her surprised face is more expressive like Pearls not a controlled ooh like she did when she connected the dots with lion, this more of a quiet surprise.

Now let’s explore Peridot’s face the most important face in the image as it is the most expressive. Yes the cat face is the most important face, throughout the episode message received we see her making that similar face whenever she is talking about the Diamond’s and dissecting Pearl’s outfit in Back To The Barn, I have also seen it worn when’s trying to understand certain basic things. During her conversation with Yellow Diamond her mouth it is slightly warped but it is still her cat face, this entire expression she’s making tells me who she is looking upon; she adores this person and is excited to meet them, while also intrigued by them but is not afraid of them in the slightest like with Yellow Diamond.

Now what gem are they looking at with such wonderment, what can grab there attention such as this, to show such a variety of looks?

After constantly re-watching Steven Universe episodes I believe I have found what the creators of the show are leading up to. We know that Steven can enter the minds of those around him, we have seen him enter dreams, take over his friend Lars body and talked to the cluster. Steven may very well heal a corrupted gem completely of it’s tear in this episode, as Garnet explained in Monster Reunion “What if Mc Bear Bear didn’t tear the fabric of his arm but of his mind” and after the latest promo I think there going along with this line of thought. To some this image is not saying anything but to me it’s saying hello old friend it’s nice to meet you, I have missed you, I don’t know who you are, this is really happening and oh my it’s her.

And as the next episode is gem war in the line up, what better way to introduce us to this heart breaking tale than with someone pacifically afflicted by the war to tell what happened back then.

Pink Diamond And Rose Quartz Were Friends Theory

Going along with the theory that the diamonds in there murals are holding planets that are under there control.

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 10.34.58 PM.png

Why is pink Diamond the only one holding a singular planet while the rest of the Diamonds have collected a far larger amount under there control, it didn’t make a lot of sense as the Diamond authority is supposedly a collaboration between all the Diamonds and I would believe keeping anyone down could lead to rebellion in their ranks, this has lead me to the conclusion that Pink Diamond hasn’t been around for as long as the other diamonds, that she wasn’t as old as they were, she was brand new.

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 10.36.21 PM.png

Earth wasn’t just Pink Diamonds planet she was created on earth. As we have seen in the episode ‘It could’ve been great,’ the earth is greatly differentiated from the one know. With this burst of knew knowledge we have a proper explanation of  why the earth is so warped in this universe as Diamonds are shown to be quite powerful, destructive and large so the birth of one bursting out of the ground would in fact cause quite the geographical shift in the world as gems are told to break open the Earth to get to freedom.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 2.38.53 PM

Drawing to the logical conclusion that Pink Diamond was created on Earth does that mean she and Rose could have emerged at the same time, with Rose being the very first solider under her rule and her closet, she would have had more freedom to explore and expand her mind to the world around her allowing thoughts that strayed away from the Diamond Authority.

If you are interested in any of my other theories please check out my youtube channel.

Steven Universe Future Boy Zoltron Review and Map Thoughts

When I watched this episode I first thought it was filler from the way it was presenting itself, though as soon as the story wrapped up I understood why this wasn’t the case, this episode wasn’t educating the viewer but teaching Steven.

Steven accidently breaks a future telling robot machine and has to repay Mr. Smiley so he takes the Robots place and tells people futures making them happy in the process but then he meets a man called Mr. Frowny who just’s really down in the dumps, Steven doesn’t know how to answer his question as he has never seen this man before making his questions rather difficult to answer, so he asks Garnet if he could borrow her future vision and when he try to give him an answer that will make him happy all the outcomes he can see are ending the same way for him.

That can be the case for people with depression, as there depression can make it seem that every route they take ends unhappily and even when other people try to help them they eventually see this too and eventually give up on them leaving them to there own abyss of darkness.

When Mr. Frowny hears that there is nothing but sadness in his future he gives ups seeing his friend and just leaves, then Mr. Smiley appears as and after a brief conversation we learn that Mr. Frowny and him were in fact a comedy duo but Mr. Frowny was always sad off and on the stage no matter what Mr. Smiley did to make him happy he was always sad,

Steven then goes to say “You were always trying to make him happy, did he even know that he was making you sad.” With those words it lights up a fire in Mr. Smiley racing off to find Mr. Frowny, reaching the bus stop there’s a few laughs between the to, then they get into the deep part of their relationship discussing how things were between them and why being together did just not work out for either of them, Mr. Frowny wanted Mr. Smiley to take the act serioulsy and Mr. Smiley wanted Mr. Frowny to have fun, but Mr. Frowny can’t seem to have fun at all then Mr. Smiley breaks out there old act and strangely Mr. Frowny plays along,then at the end of the act he laughs and says “he finally got the joke.’ Leaving on a happy note.

Steven learns an important lesson from this exchange, all though the future may look as if there is only certain ways things can end, it doesn’t mean it has to that way which is a beautiful lesson for anyone to learn.

Now that parts over and done with let’s talk about what Zoltron said right before he broke 16, 47 and W, many say these are map coordinates and that may be right. I put the coordinates into and I got this:

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 2.53.20 PM

I then checked this against the world map and buddy’s map that I have sourced from O’pearl on Reddit. From one interpretation of the facts we can determine there is nothing there, another way to determine this is that whatever’s there was top secret not meant for anyones eyes or maybe it has nothing to do with the diamonds but maybe something to do with Rose?

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 3.20.20 PM

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 2.38.53 PM


Gem Hunt Theory: How Jasper Becomes Corrupted

From the current information leaks of Steven Universe there has been many saying that Jasper is going to be corrupted in future episodes. Originally I did not believe this as I could not see how it was going to happen and the picture leaks of corrupted Jasper seemed quite fake.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 12.42.49 AM.png

Then today I saw some of the leaked footage of Gem Hunt. With this recent leak I have to say that this theory of Jaspers corruption is worth exploring as I know have enough meat for a decent theroy. Now how did she become corrupted in the first place, I explored how corruption taken place in my post Steven Universe Monster Reunion Thoughts and Theories when I mentioned the Diamonds must have caused the corruption with there EMP styled weapon, but how is this possible when the Diamonds are not even on Earth, am I saying that they are coming to Earth or that I was completely wrong in my assumption on how corrupted gems are made, I not saying either of those things, what I am suggesting is that there is more than one way to corrupt a gem.

Before I can get into the bones of how there is another way corruption takes place, we must first explore what Jasper does to bring this corruption onto her self, yes I said onto herself. As you remember at alone at sea Jasper wants to fuse back with Lapis as she wants to become powerful again but can’t as Lapis doesn’t want to go back into that bad fusion, so she punches her out to sea. Although Jasper is now gone from this episode she still wants to fuse though to become powerful again, she desperately wants it as in Alone At Sea she is begging to go back to being malachite, to being powerful as she puts it.

So what is more powerful than a fusion, a corrupted fusion. As we have seen corrupted gems are strong mindless creatures capable of immense destruction. Envision that destructive power with a mind to go with it. Thus this is the way Jasper will be corrupted, she won’t be able to handle the corrupted counter part. Imagine if you will a rotten egg, now put that rotten egg into a mixture and stir it all around and so now the entire mixture is corrupted. The hole batter is tainted by that singular bad egg.

The most important part of this, is the leaks of the episode Gem Hunt. On the left we see  a corrupted gem creature that looks a lot like Jasper fused with another gem. On the right Jasper is holding a gem that looks a little to much like the creature on the left for it to be a coincidence.

Steven Universe seems to be following the train of thought that corruption can also happen when fusion is completed with a corrupted gem. When Gem Hunt emerges I would not be surprised that this going to be how Jasper becomes corrupted.

Steven Universe Monster Reunion Thoughts and Theories

So I have just finished watching Steven Universe Monster Reunion and I can honestly say it is the most informative episode yet. So far in the Summer of Steven it seems to filled with filler and unimportant side stories, but this episode is like a big fat hippo of important information.

When I first learned about the corrupted gems I wondered why Rose couldn’t fix them, then in later episodes I learnt that Rose did in fact try to help them but couldn’t. I wondered about that for a while and thought it would not be addressed and be left as a major plot hole.

Finally it has been described on how corrupted gems are made, originally I had thought they were made with some kind of machine or that they saw something that fractured them on the inside.

I was partially correct in this anyalis as Garnet describes it. “If Mc Bear Bear didn’t tear the fabric of his arm but the fabric of his mind.” With this we learn that Rose’s power could only fix external injuries and not the internal ones. Further through we learn who caused her to be corrupted but not exactly how.

From pearls statement. “Damage from the Diamonds.” The root cause of this inward corruption leads back to the Diamonds. How they are made that way is still a mystery but I have a small theory about that. The way that centipedle describes the weapon that was used on her it seem to be some type of EMP, large mass effecting and targets everything. This weapon could be a part of the diamonds abilities as they have yet to address there powers in the series yet or it could be Pink Diamonds power.

In centipedles drawing of the diamonds, one diamond is missing. Pink Diamond, this could either mean that the Diamonds used Pink Diamond as a weapon to destroy the rebels or possibly used by Rose to defeat the Diamonds. In the episode Serious Steven, when we first enter the spaceship we see a person who looks a lot like Rose using a Diamond to shield herself from what appears to be Yellow Diamond.

It could possibly be that Rose used Pink Diamond  to protect herself and her comrades from the Diamonds EMP styled weapon.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 8.35.35 PM

Wether Pink Diamond later joined by her own free will or was forced is still up for debate, as we know in the flashback in The Answer she was not there with Rose and Pearl it was just the two of them.

At the end of episode we are left with a few answers and a few more questions, I cannot wait for tomorrow to see what happens next.


Steven Universe The Cluster Shards

The cluster, made up of shards that have been forced together, but what shards did they use to make the cluster, did the diamond authority shatter millions of there loyal subordinates to make it, I think not.

As we no longer see Pink Diamonds symbol on the spaceship in Jailbreak we can safetly assume she is no longer apart of the diamond authority anymore. It may very well be that the diamonds, after losing the war with Rose Quartz decided that Pink Diamond would have more defective gems from her ranks who would also rebel and pervert other gems. They could not have that so they decided to kill two birds with one stone, destroy the earth that Rose Quartz fought so hard to protect and at the same time get rid of a useless Diamond and her underlings. Below is a leaked picture of the cluster as you can see most of the gems are pink, but un-shattered, does this mean Pink Diamond and her followers are still alive, are they going to come back? With one more day till Steven Universe in to deep comes on, we will find out.


Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 1.50.21 AM