Shouto Todoroki Character Design


Shouto’s transformation as a character reflects in his outer shell as much as the inner metamorphous.

Debuting his costume in the Villains vs Heros test, we are treated to see half a normal human body but the same cannot be said for his other half. His fire side is covered by an icy blocked exterior that if touched could burn you as much as fire. It’s not uncommon knowledge that Shouto despises Endeavour (unless your Deku and can’t put two and two together) and loves his mother, you could describe it as her ice trying to smother Endevaours quirk out of him.


Unapproachable, frightful in appearance not a costume that inspires security and a quelling of fear. When we get to see him in action for the first time, our intial scenes are of him steping out of the light and delving into darkness forcing himself away from the light. His glowing red eye staring forward piercing into the unknown of pure blackness and when he emerges to face Ojirou it is a terrifying scene. His eye leaving a red trail behind, half a body covered in ice giving him the appearance of a demented sociopath, if I saw this person approaching I would run and would not stop running for fear this person would kill me.


His entrance is in parrel with Endeavors with few dissimilarities, our first glimpse of him we are shown his face alit with fire giving a intimidating look, further illustrated with him stepping downward into a darkened stairwell illuminating his flames coming off of him, giving him a demonic appearance along with his natural in born features. Such endowment of fire sends out a distinct signal that he doesn’t want anyone to get close pushing away everyone around him retroactively, his flames are cool enough so they don’t burn people but who would dare touch an open flame. There are few who do this feat and are instantly rejected by him, wether it be admirer or a peer.

Their similarities of their costumes reflects both their personalities at the time, both are closed off, both reject their peers and both have their mind set on one goal, Shouto to not be like his father and Endavour to beat All Might.

Shouto’s inability to comprehend his own power was because he viewed it as a extension of his father not himself, so it was impossible to grasp it. To become a whole hero he needed to accept both who he is and not be closed off from the rest of the world, letting down his walls so to speak. Which just goes to show by strongly rejecting someone you may end up embodying what you hated yourself and only through acceptance of the situation or circumstances can you change whether it is who you are, your situation or even your relationships.


Deku’s Detriment

Warning: Spoilers everywhere.


Deku has a tendency to help people to the detriment of his own progress as a pro hero.

There is countless examples all throughout the series. From giving up the position of class president to Iida, encouraging Shoto to using his fire in their fight, to saving the fake Ochako in the provisional license exam who turned out to be Toga. He has effectively crippled himself both physically and prospect wise.

When the reporters broke into the U.A campus Deku was unable to take control of the situation but Iida shows up doing exactly what he should have done and in the end Deku gives him the position out of reverence for his take charge attitude, on the outside this looks like a smart decision deferring to a better person who is suited for the job, even though it would have helped him grow as a hero as he states. “This is the department of heroics so it’s probably akin to guiding the group. Definitely a position that’ll build up one’s hero foundation all the faster.” Being humble today cripples him tomorrow.

He helps Shoto accept his fire side because he wants to save him, not try and win the tournament which was the task he was supposed to complete. After all the people who are the explicitly noticed are the ones who made it to the podium.

Saving the fake Ochako, who knows what Toga will do with that blood but it won’t be good and it’s all because he caught her when she fell and he new it wasn’t her but still went to save her even though it could have all been a trap, which it was.

These actions are caused by the foundation of hero ideals that he is made up of, which is to save and rescue people. Going out of his way to do so in most cases. It’s like he’s taking a side quest to break his neigh caps so it’s harder to complete the original quest.

Deku’s only goal at the start of the series was to be a hero, as he grows and evolves he thinks about taking over the number one spot but these moments are brief with him barley focused on it. He’s determined on becoming a hero than reaching for the top as we see when Miro ask Deku what kind of hero he wants to be he replies with, “I want to be the best hero of them all.” With Miro commenting that “your goal is all over the place.” Which is accurate, to be the best hero is different from being the number one hero as we see with Endeavor who takes over the top spot and while I can assure you he does get the job done, he is a frightening person who many do not like as he cares little for other people after the day is saved.

He has no time for fans or for pleasantry’s with people who cannot help him reach his goal quicker and his personal character is lacking in the way he treats his family. To be the top hero does not always goes those who deserve it or embody the best parts of a hero’s mold. While Bakugo has effectively changed who he is since he came to U.A. When he first entered he had only one goal to be a hero so he could knock All Might of his golden number one hero throne and while the goal remains, he has changed his ways so he can get there.

Both Deku and Bakugo’s heroes journeys intertwine with both connecting goals but they cannot reach them until they fill what they are lacking inside of each other.

All Might wants the two to learn from each other and while Bakugo is beginning to, Deku has already learned from Bakugo. He’s become more decisive, confident in his abilities, when fighting he pushes through the inferiority that tries to infect him and in the end do what needs to be done.

But he cannot desire to win as much as he wants to save others.

As I have said before to save and rescue are key parts of his ideals of being a hero and wining is just not needed outside of these cases. The consequence of such actions is minimal to him at worst he’s left in the background, or in last place. To him glory isn’t important, as long as the people are okay that’s enough for him. So the expectance of failure in this area is to looked at with a shrug of the shoulders.

When ever someone is showing behavior that is counter productive to them being a hero, they cannot be taken aside by the arm and told through long exposition of how hurting themselves is destroying others and if they do try this method it doesn’t work, it just goes through one ear and out the other. Instead it boils down to a fight which they loose and how they acknowledge this failure that they change, wether it is a positive change or a negative one.

Failure is the best teacher, she is what you make of her she can be either a friend, a foe, ally or even just there to remind you where you are.

The most stubborn of students who cannot learn or progress in failure need to be melted down so that they can be re-made once broken with new pieces to replace the old ones.

Bakugo shattered in such away that he was forced to change the very core of his belief structure of what it means to be a hero. Deku has yet to be broken in such a way and I heavily doubt it will ever happen due to Deku’s personality.

Deku needs a reason to fight other than just to win as he cannot fight for himself, every fight he has entered was for someone else. Taking down the zero pointer to save Ochaco, saving his friends from villains at the USJ fight, the sports festival to make All Might proud, saving Iida from Stain, the provisional license exam (Now I know what you’re thinking that this was a fight and did for himself but may I argue that he didn’t want to let All Might down as well as his classmates, so technically not winning a fight for himself in this case), the Eri arc etc.

Outside of these conditions Deku does not go looking for a fight preferring to be a spectator instead and unless called upon by an outside force he will remain stationary. Take for example all the sports festival arc, not once did Deku communicate with his classmates while they were fighting there opponents but the moment Shouto wavers in himself while engaging in battle with Bakugo, Deku yells at him trying to bring him back, which works for a second before he shorts himself out. Even on the sides he still tries to save people in a situation he can do nothing but watch.

The only time I can pin point in the series where he was fighting for himself was with Bakugo and even that is a tainted fight by his morals as it wasn’t about winning or losing. Deku could see he was in pain and the only way they could talk was with his fists. Giving it his all because that was the only way Bakugo would respect him. Even in moments where Deku is fighting for himself he cannot but help others.

In his fight with Bakugo he thinks to himself. “When my feeling of I need to win Is stronger than my feeling of I need to rescue I’ll carelessly run my mouth and say bad things and though that’s supposed to be a part of me that I rather dislike in the end in my mind you’re the image of victory.” Not someone I have to surpass, not a goal, but the image itself of victory. Meaning he cannot beat Bakugo as long as he seems him in such a bright light or in other words he will never become a great hero like All Might wanted.

I can here you all typing away at your computers saying that this story is narrated by Deku saying how this is how he became the best hero of them all. Now chew on that sentence for a bit, really get what it means because to Deku being a great hero is rescuing and saving people but as All Might put it. “In the way young Midoriya longed for young Bakugou’s strength, and in the way that young Baukgo feared young Midoriya’s spirit. If your lacking in one or the other you won’t be able to maintain your own sense of justice as a hero.”

What does that mean for Deku? We have to ask what kind of hero would he be in the future because of the limitations he has put on himself. As he explains in the intro this is the story of him becoming the best hero of them all and it’s him telling us from the future so he is still a hero as he uses present tense from the past tense and we have established what he considers an ideal hero up into this point of the series. Leading us back to the question of  how he shall change this world. As I explained before in a previous post (Why Sir Nighteye Is Wrong About Deku) he is more than most because he had less and because of that he found a way around what he lacks with his hero analysis and with him receiving a quirk he has risen from the minority to the majority. He can see more from the bottom and above as he has reached both depths in terms of the social hierarchy, which hero’s cannot do (except for All Might and the vigilante knuckleduster) as while some have less than impressive quirks they have never been without power of some kind.

With his ability to empathise and understand both ends of the world, he’s eventually going to find that the villains are more of a symptom to a larger disease in the society of Japan and the world, and cure it in his own way instead of just fighting them like the rest of the heroes do, with them dealing with the villian at the time instead of retroactively nipping them in the bud before they bloom and keeping on top of it with his ever skilled partners. In the end his detriment will cure the world of this disease called villainy. And if your wondering about the quirk laws and the society of My Hero Academia don’t worry I will get into that but in a different post because that definitely deserves a whole article all of it’s own. So remember to subscribe and like for more of my content.

My Hero Academia The Effect Of Bullying On Deku

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the anime and manga.

Now before I begin I just want to say I understand the Bakugo has a superiority complex and I know why he hates Deku but that does not take away from the fact what he has done and how it has shaped him.

The story starts with our main hero Deku, an underdog who is constantly abused by his childhood friend Bakugo.

At first I believed that Deku came out relatively unharmed by this bullying, but as the series progressed it has become apparent the bullying has left deeper scars than I originally thought.

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 7.22.03 PM

When Azawia is discussing the relationship between Deku and Bakugo with how they interact when paired up in a team. “They’re on horrible terms.” He points out. This statement shares the blame equally between the two which is completely unfair to Deku. Bakugo’s superiority complex at the time made it impossible for other people to get along with him and the only person who can get close is with someone who can figure him out and is not afraid of him or in other words a complimentary personality.

It was at this point I came to realise that none of the teachers (except All Might but he doesn’t really press Mydoria on it)  know about Bakugo bullying Deku or just don’t address it as far I can see. The students know something happened between the two but they don’t delve in to it deeply with just a brief moment where Ochako says “I remember now…it’s Bakugo who keeps bullying you.” But beyond that nothing with the other students. While some of the faculty know about Deku inheriting his power from All Might none of the students do (except for Bakugo but that’s later on and not really important because he was the one bullying Deku in the first place), there all assuming that Deku has had his powers since he was a kid. The students are completely unaware that just before the entrance exam he was quirkless and have no idea that he was bullied by Bakugo so mercilessly that he visibly flinches whenever he uses his powers around him and when he see’s Bakugou approaching he prepares for an attack from him.

He’s been constantly bullying Deku since preschool and soon after other kids began to join in. In the series the bullying is seen as both physical and mental which can greatly harm a person. In Deku’s case he develops feelings of inferiority which he constantly battles against as Bakugo is always right behind him trying push him beneath his boot heal. His torment goes to the point where he advises Deku on committing suicide saying, “If you want a quirk so damn badly, just throw yourself off the fucking roof and hope you get one in the next life!” The scene plays out lightly to me but it is far darker than I imagined as it’s confirmed by Deku mulling over his words as he does say it was suicide he was talking about.

When Bakugo got a flashy quirk while his other classmates got rather useless one’s, this solidified his place at the top of the hierarchy of the classroom making the other peons follow him out of awe as in this world whoever has the flashiest toy is the leader and whatever he says is immediately law. His reasoning for his torment of Deku was for a perceived slight when Deku tried to help him up when he fell down in the water, he saw this as Deku looking down on him and that is when the torment began. As the other children saw Bakugou beat down Deku him for not having a quirk and like the ever-present sheep they are the students join in on the torment that lasted till Junior High.


Previous flashbacks indicate that most of the kids that were in Deku and Bakugo’s preschool were also in their junior high school classes. As weird hands and shark haired guy hang out with Bakugo after school when they get attacked by the slime villain. These are the same individual’s who were around him when they were beating that kid up at the park. From the time they were in preschool till Junior High Deku has been constantly put down, beaten up and isolated from most kids his age as till up to High School Deku has not made any friends other than Bakugou.

Deku knows this isn’t how other kids are treated by there fellow peers and desires the same treatment that everyone else gets. Not knowing how to go about it he looks at heroes who are admired, loved and adored by the public specifically the top hero All Might. All Might is adored by everyone as the number one hero, who wouldn’t want to be like him but this has caused some issues. All Might over the years has put himself in extremely dangerous situations and portrayed as self sacrificing by the media. Putting everyone else above his own safety. Now I can practically hear you saying this is what hero’s do but there is a difference between being selfish and not caring about yourself and All Might is walking that line.

All Might has even damaged himself to the point where he can’t use One For All anymore. It is a repetitively hammered in fact that in this world hero’s must sacrifice to protect and be willing to do anything to save the day.

Deku worships All Might like a god and with no father around because we see no hide or hair of Deku’s father ever, he starts to mould himself in his idols image as he is the closet to a dad he has ever had.

The bullying followed by his hero worship of All Might has forced Deku into a mindset that we see very often, the sacrifice of self. He has damaged his body for the sake of everyone else. His arm is covered in scars, his bones have been broken repeatedly. While in his mind he breaks his body to protect people and win the love of his hero but in the end he views himself as someone who needs to constantly put others first no matter what.

This self destructive way of thinking has caused irreversible damage to himself and it is only with the retirement of All Might and a reminder of his past failures that he has vowed to not damage himself anymore, I just hope the change is permeant and not just a fleeting thought otherwise good bye pro hero dreams.

My Hero Academia Simulcast

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 12.19.52 PM.pngWith the approaching release of My Hero Academia Season 2 on April 1st and 2nd for Australians, I feel that I should mention that this season is going to be a little different from what you know in terms of linguistics, as the first 6 episodes are going to be simulcast english dubbed and subbed at the same time that it’s coming out of Japan. As a person who’s loves the pureness of subs and the easy listening of dubs I cannot help but wonder what this is going to do for the anime industry, are they going to  release the english dub’s for all anime that will be coming out in Japan from now or only for anime that get’s a second season. Either way we will have to wait and see as Funimation is taking a huge risk on this as the chances for failure are quite possible but I believe the risk is worth it for if they succeed in this then I can honestly say there will be a bright future ahead of us where dubs will come out at the exact time as the subs do.