Deku’s Detriment

Warning: Spoilers everywhere.


Deku has a tendency to help people to the detriment of his own progress as a pro hero.

There is countless examples all throughout the series. From giving up the position of class president to Iida, encouraging Shoto to using his fire in their fight, to saving the fake Ochako in the provisional license exam who turned out to be Toga. He has effectively crippled himself both physically and prospect wise.

When the reporters broke into the U.A campus Deku was unable to take control of the situation but Iida shows up doing exactly what he should have done and in the end Deku gives him the position out of reverence for his take charge attitude, on the outside this looks like a smart decision deferring to a better person who is suited for the job, even though it would have helped him grow as a hero as he states. “This is the department of heroics so it’s probably akin to guiding the group. Definitely a position that’ll build up one’s hero foundation all the faster.” Being humble today cripples him tomorrow.

He helps Shoto accept his fire side because he wants to save him, not try and win the tournament which was the task he was supposed to complete. After all the people who are the explicitly noticed are the ones who made it to the podium.

Saving the fake Ochako, who knows what Toga will do with that blood but it won’t be good and it’s all because he caught her when she fell and he new it wasn’t her but still went to save her even though it could have all been a trap, which it was.

These actions are caused by the foundation of hero ideals that he is made up of, which is to save and rescue people. Going out of his way to do so in most cases. It’s like he’s taking a side quest to break his neigh caps so it’s harder to complete the original quest.

Deku’s only goal at the start of the series was to be a hero, as he grows and evolves he thinks about taking over the number one spot but these moments are brief with him barley focused on it. He’s determined on becoming a hero than reaching for the top as we see when Miro ask Deku what kind of hero he wants to be he replies with, “I want to be the best hero of them all.” With Miro commenting that “your goal is all over the place.” Which is accurate, to be the best hero is different from being the number one hero as we see with Endeavor who takes over the top spot and while I can assure you he does get the job done, he is a frightening person who many do not like as he cares little for other people after the day is saved.

He has no time for fans or for pleasantry’s with people who cannot help him reach his goal quicker and his personal character is lacking in the way he treats his family. To be the top hero does not always goes those who deserve it or embody the best parts of a hero’s mold. While Bakugo has effectively changed who he is since he came to U.A. When he first entered he had only one goal to be a hero so he could knock All Might of his golden number one hero throne and while the goal remains, he has changed his ways so he can get there.

Both Deku and Bakugo’s heroes journeys intertwine with both connecting goals but they cannot reach them until they fill what they are lacking inside of each other.

All Might wants the two to learn from each other and while Bakugo is beginning to, Deku has already learned from Bakugo. He’s become more decisive, confident in his abilities, when fighting he pushes through the inferiority that tries to infect him and in the end do what needs to be done.

But he cannot desire to win as much as he wants to save others.

As I have said before to save and rescue are key parts of his ideals of being a hero and wining is just not needed outside of these cases. The consequence of such actions is minimal to him at worst he’s left in the background, or in last place. To him glory isn’t important, as long as the people are okay that’s enough for him. So the expectance of failure in this area is to looked at with a shrug of the shoulders.

When ever someone is showing behavior that is counter productive to them being a hero, they cannot be taken aside by the arm and told through long exposition of how hurting themselves is destroying others and if they do try this method it doesn’t work, it just goes through one ear and out the other. Instead it boils down to a fight which they loose and how they acknowledge this failure that they change, wether it is a positive change or a negative one.

Failure is the best teacher, she is what you make of her she can be either a friend, a foe, ally or even just there to remind you where you are.

The most stubborn of students who cannot learn or progress in failure need to be melted down so that they can be re-made once broken with new pieces to replace the old ones.

Bakugo shattered in such away that he was forced to change the very core of his belief structure of what it means to be a hero. Deku has yet to be broken in such a way and I heavily doubt it will ever happen due to Deku’s personality.

Deku needs a reason to fight other than just to win as he cannot fight for himself, every fight he has entered was for someone else. Taking down the zero pointer to save Ochaco, saving his friends from villains at the USJ fight, the sports festival to make All Might proud, saving Iida from Stain, the provisional license exam (Now I know what you’re thinking that this was a fight and did for himself but may I argue that he didn’t want to let All Might down as well as his classmates, so technically not winning a fight for himself in this case), the Eri arc etc.

Outside of these conditions Deku does not go looking for a fight preferring to be a spectator instead and unless called upon by an outside force he will remain stationary. Take for example all the sports festival arc, not once did Deku communicate with his classmates while they were fighting there opponents but the moment Shouto wavers in himself while engaging in battle with Bakugo, Deku yells at him trying to bring him back, which works for a second before he shorts himself out. Even on the sides he still tries to save people in a situation he can do nothing but watch.

The only time I can pin point in the series where he was fighting for himself was with Bakugo and even that is a tainted fight by his morals as it wasn’t about winning or losing. Deku could see he was in pain and the only way they could talk was with his fists. Giving it his all because that was the only way Bakugo would respect him. Even in moments where Deku is fighting for himself he cannot but help others.

In his fight with Bakugo he thinks to himself. “When my feeling of I need to win Is stronger than my feeling of I need to rescue I’ll carelessly run my mouth and say bad things and though that’s supposed to be a part of me that I rather dislike in the end in my mind you’re the image of victory.” Not someone I have to surpass, not a goal, but the image itself of victory. Meaning he cannot beat Bakugo as long as he seems him in such a bright light or in other words he will never become a great hero like All Might wanted.

I can here you all typing away at your computers saying that this story is narrated by Deku saying how this is how he became the best hero of them all. Now chew on that sentence for a bit, really get what it means because to Deku being a great hero is rescuing and saving people but as All Might put it. “In the way young Midoriya longed for young Bakugou’s strength, and in the way that young Baukgo feared young Midoriya’s spirit. If your lacking in one or the other you won’t be able to maintain your own sense of justice as a hero.”

What does that mean for Deku? We have to ask what kind of hero would he be in the future because of the limitations he has put on himself. As he explains in the intro this is the story of him becoming the best hero of them all and it’s him telling us from the future so he is still a hero as he uses present tense from the past tense and we have established what he considers an ideal hero up into this point of the series. Leading us back to the question of  how he shall change this world. As I explained before in a previous post (Why Sir Nighteye Is Wrong About Deku) he is more than most because he had less and because of that he found a way around what he lacks with his hero analysis and with him receiving a quirk he has risen from the minority to the majority. He can see more from the bottom and above as he has reached both depths in terms of the social hierarchy, which hero’s cannot do (except for All Might and the vigilante knuckleduster) as while some have less than impressive quirks they have never been without power of some kind.

With his ability to empathise and understand both ends of the world, he’s eventually going to find that the villains are more of a symptom to a larger disease in the society of Japan and the world, and cure it in his own way instead of just fighting them like the rest of the heroes do, with them dealing with the villian at the time instead of retroactively nipping them in the bud before they bloom and keeping on top of it with his ever skilled partners. In the end his detriment will cure the world of this disease called villainy. And if your wondering about the quirk laws and the society of My Hero Academia don’t worry I will get into that but in a different post because that definitely deserves a whole article all of it’s own. So remember to subscribe and like for more of my content.


Weird Life: How I Accidentally Cosplayed As Carmen Sandiego


Back in April this year I went to supernova. A fan convention focusing on science fiction, fantasy film, comic books, anime, etc. Usually I would cosplay at these events but due to budgeting issues I wasn’t going to cosplay. And as Melbourne’s weather has the personality of a tsundre, you know the ones I’m talking about, there the ones that beckon you to come outside to enjoy the day with them but when you open the door it rains hell down upon you and when you go back inside they wine and cry for you to come back showing a bit of sun but then it’s all just storm clouds and rain. So to survive this weather I put on my standard outfit which is my red coat, red cloche hat, black skirt and black jumper.

When the doors opened the first booth I walked up to they asked. “Are you Carmen Sandiego.” Now I had no idea who that person was so I answered that honestly by saying, “who is that.” I really should have lied because then it got all awkward with her just looking at me like I was crazy person, so I shuffled away. I thought that was the end of that but it kept on happening, after I was mistaken for her a few more times I just decided to go with it and embraced this unknown character, so for the rest of the day I was Carmen Sandiego I even stood in for a picture and up to me leaving on the train where I heard the famous words, “we’ve found Carmen Sandiego.”

I couldn’t believe it from dusk till dawn I was mistaken for Carmen Sandiego. I wasn’t even trying to cosplay and it turns out whenever I put on this outfit I am Carmen Santiego… I do wonder if people on the street think I’m crazy when they see me walking down in my outfit. The recponist at a strip club told me I look like a serial killer once though…But that’s a different story for another time.

Welcome To The Ballroom: Why You Should Watch it


I have been a fan of this manga ever since I picked it up at my favourite comic place a little over 3 weeks ago and when I heard there was an anime adaption coming out on July 9th of 2017 my mind immetialy short circuited I went into a comatose state. Having now reawakened by the date edging closer and closer. I thought I should spread the good news about Welcome To The Ballroom. (I sound like I’m recruiting you for my cult).

The story revolves around Tatara Fuijita he is absolutely desperate to be good at something or anything in his case. He’s about as average as a slouchy teen can be. Thus the local bullies go after him like a cat after a mouse, they try to hit him up for cash but is saved from departing with his money when he’s saved by Kaname Sengoku a professional ballroom dancer.

Fuijita fell in love with dance the moment he layed his eye’s upon the way the people moved their body’s from a simple recording of professional ballroom dance tournament he fell in love and couldn’t shake it so he married her. He didn’t do this for a girl or to pay off a debt he saw something a movement a flicker of beauty within the seamless time of dance and decided he to wanted to fall into this world as it called to him like a siren in a sea of endless purgatory that is his School career.

The story is set in Middle School right before he enters High School which is just annoys the crap out of me due to how almost every anime is set in one but as the characters barley spend any time there it’s merely background noise to the dancing and to exaggerate how immature they act which can only be portrayed by teenagers or at least very immature adults who refuse to grow up.

When your at that time of your life the stakes are high especially when your trying to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life. In Japanese culture your supposed to have your life figured out by the time your in Middle/High School.

Similar shows like Mob Pyscho 100 and My Hero Academia which have a premise I enjoy are also set in a High/Middle School where they try to figure out what means to be a hero or how to improve one social skills, in this ever changing setting their surrounded in and there is a reason I bring these two anime up as an example and that is because Fuijita reminds me a lot of Deku and Mob.

Fuijita works hard to improve his dancing and although learns fast it is not unexpected. Dance is not like controlling a super power, or learning how to be sociable or learning to write. Certain dances take less time to master than others and as long as you keep on practicing a persons skills won’t fade, while it is better to start dancing as a child mostly for flexibility it doesn’t mean you can’t start learning to dance at an older age.

His passion for dance drives him never minding the pain as the constantly dances either at home or at the studio, he works hard and it shows. The way that they move in the manga is simply breath taking and to see those beautiful movements animated I shall be speechless.

Studio I.G is being held responsible for the production if you are unfamiliar with them you my know or at least heard of some of there work, Haikyu!!, Giovanni’s Island, The Joker game and Kuroko’s Basketball Season 3, along with many other works that would just be to tedious to name. I bring up these anime to explain what kind story they are telling at least from how I see it.

I have read the entirety of the manga up to the latest release and for those who are looking for a love story this isn’t for you. A coming of age story with a slight twist of romance if you squint it’s even advertised that way in the PV’s saying that it’s 10% romance and 10% roll.

Now let me admit something to you, the only sports anime I have watched was Yuri On Ice and I can practically hear you typing away about how it’s a romance anime not a sport one, even the creators have said this is a romance anime but at times it has cut the romance completely for the sport instead. With Welcome To The Ballroom I know it’s going to be focused on the sport and that the people are taking this seriously from the way they change there hair styles to fit in to there posture while dancing. There only goal is to be the best in their field and for no other reason than they honestly enjoying what they’re doing and there something incredibly pure about this as you can feel there joy lift off the pages and have it light up your eyes.

Now as far as I can tell from the PV’s the animation is quite stunning with a lot of soft colors and very little of the way of harsh tones, I won’t say anymore because what I have seen there is nothing but praise coming from my finger tips and you don’t need a list of why this will be great. Now let me get into the neck issue.


You may say they have been lengthened in unrealistic proportions but that is simply not true. If we look at examples of real live dancers who stretch there necks when they dance they do this because in dance sports the spine needs to be stretched and the neck elongated without being broken and gives dancers that strong upper carriage.



Here’s a pair of professional dancers Marcus Hilton and Karen Hilton, see how they stretch there necks to appear elegant.


When you don’t frame the whole entire body the experience of looking at them is quite jarring. As long as they keep the upper view of the body with as minimal head shots as possible it won’t look as strange to the viewer.

This a show I would take the three episode rule to heart because it does have some unpleasant physical violence to the main character that happens in the first part of the manga but quickly dies down as the series goes along, not to say some of it is undeserved from some of the characters points of view but it’s something I cannot stand. But I should warn before delving into Welcome to the ballroom because after I read it I almost went out to get dance lessons myself. So tread carefully because this truly an addicting manga I can just imagine what the anime will do.

A Silent Voice A War Of Different Mediums

Silent Voice has been out for a while now and it’s been widely received as a masterpiece with many saying it’s better than Your Name. Unlike with Your Name, Silent Voice was adapted from a manga and whenever any form of print is turned into a film there is that repetitive argument that always pops up over and over again. Which was better the book or the movie or in this case manga.

A general consensus from people was that the film was enjoyable and although they had to cut some character development and a few other moments it stayed mostly true to the source material and many of the fans could not find any major faults in that regard.

Until they discuss the ending of both story’s, where the storm of the argument lies with voices on each side either saying the manga version was better and the other side saying the films version was better. Well I’m here to tell you warring factions that both of you are correct.

Books and Movies are different mediums and what happens in books does not always translate well into film, The Killing Joke was proof of that. So for the sake of the film some parts need to be changed otherwise you end up with dissatisfied patrons who just want to forget what they saw and critics who could potentially ruin you and your mother going on and on how you could have made a masterpiece if you just changed the ending. But that is not to say that the manga ending does not have a satisfying conclusion.

For those who have only seen the film the manga version ends by both Ishida and Nishimiya opening a door to join their old classmates after the coming of age ceremony but not actually showing the reunion.

This ending leaves the reader to imagine what will happen once they open the door. Literary works can reach a satisfying conclusion while also giving us enough to chew on to imagine what has happened. The film structure of Silent Voice demanded a different ending to satisfy the minds of the patrons.

Ishida is walking through a crowd overhearing there conversations with even a few people talking about him he then puts his hands up to his ears blocking out the sound all around, then he looks up.

When the X’s over people’s faces flutter down on the ground. His tears that fall are filled with relief as he can now he can finally forgive himself.

In the book of Crying The Natural and Cultural History Of Tears. There is a sentence that relates perfectly back to his situation.

“Tears began to be granted a certain kind of power, both as a form of entreaty and as testimony to the crier’s honesty and integrity.”

With this powerful emotional climax it sticks in our minds and satisfies us by knowing that he has finally forgiven himself and as the movie had cut large portions of the character development out it makes more sense to end it like this and with the very last scene before we cut to the words we have the two of them standing in a circle of light side by side in a unknown future.

So let me just conclude this by saying each story reached a satisfying end in it’s own medium and that is always fulfilling.

Review: The High School Life Of A Fudanshi

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 9.08.10 PM


Ryo Sakaguchi is a regular high school boy, just like any other. He turns out to have a deep love for Boys’ Love. He could live on Boys’ Love alone! The High School Life of a Fudanshi is a hilarious slice-of-life comedy about Fudanshi Sakaguchi and his jolly gang.

My Thoughts

The High School Life of a fudanshi is the truest representation of what a fudanshi is. In another anime series called ‘Kiss Him Not Me’ they used the fudanshi as the protagonist and I was hoping to see the true nature of an avid boy’s love fan, but no it devolved into an otome game and did not portray the true nature of a fudanshi at all as it only showed only one aspect, the obsessed fangirl stereotype. The High School Life Of A Fundanshi shows all aspects of the fudanshi experience the good and the bad.

The Main Characters

Ryo is not gay or an effeminate man, he just prefers to ship guys together. With the plot just revolving around what he and his friends getting into some of the most hilarious conversations as well as situations.

Rumi the fangirl who grew around up around the Otaku culture, who befriends Ryo after a small mountain of awkwardness, these two explore the boundless world that is BL together.

Toshiaki the typical guy friend of Ryo’s who isn’t into BL at all. Often mistaken for a girl from behind and questions his friends sexuality more than once. He has a tendency to play the straight man in almost all situations.

I won’t go into the side characters as they are so two dimensional you would take about one second to figure them out, but I will say they are all BL fodder, they are there to put BL into situations and make the series funny that is what they are there for and they do this part well.

The Grand

The episodes are three minutes long so it does not overstay it’s welcome nor does it drag on; it’s quick, it’s direct and the jokes stick the landing even in English and you can marathon this sucker without having to tape your eyes open at the start of the next day. Through out the series we are taken into the wonderful world of a Fudanshi, reading about the insane fangirls who plague fan forums who constantly choke down BL fodder as if it were there last meal, having Ryo meet someone just like him in the real world and forging a connection made entirely out of there perversions. It truly is art-imitating life in this aspect and pure to what is down to earth boys love community.

The Bad

While the art style is very beautiful for such a small production it can be quite lazy in some scenes, with the close ups and the darkened background with no lip movements and only dialogue, I understand the character is talking in his head but they reuse it so much it becomes agitating especially when they use chibi characters with minimal movements or use deconstructed art, when you have such limited time you need to put your best foot forward.

The series is episodic in nature and can get tedious after a while giving you a sense of de ja vu because you thought you clicked on the next episode not replayed it. Also you would think this series would be blaring out a obvious BL play by play situations, but they simply aren’t there or are very watered down. Of course like any anime series there are hints at it much like with the yuri in a girls slice of life show, they tease you with the idea even setting up the scene but it never plays out it’s quite the cock tease, which generally makes me enraged as I hate these fake outs but in defense of the series these are more close bro relationships that barley tread into the homo, the flirting between the guys is shown that of a closeness.

The Setting and Music

As for most anime the setting takes place at a school, big shocker there right, but it is co-ed which I find rather fascinating, in a BL series it’s almost like girls don’t exist, they are used mainly as cannon fodder casting and generally either spewing exposition or being a fake out love interest though we know it isn’t ever going to happen. Here in this series they actually play around with this idea and it’s actually seen as possible more than a few times.

And as for the music Sekai wa Boy Meets Boy, it is the perfect ending song for this anime, it’s quick, it’s catchy and it is memorable and plays off Ryo’s fantasies. There’s not much left to say, the song did its job and did it well.

The Shipping

Rumi and Ryo make the perfect pair of friends because of their love for BL. You don’t hope that they will get together and whenever it’s hinted that it could happen it’s immediately disproven with comical scenes of hostility proving that these people cannot get together.

While many of the side characters are given possible romantic attachments to the guys their flirting with, it goes nowhere, it’s more of a visual fan service to all the BL lovers watching as their imagination can fill in the rest.

The Conclusion

The embarrassment from buying a BL novel while despairing over spending vast amounts of money they part with to get that elusive doujhinshi that they have waiting three years to find.

These are all the emotions real Fudashi have felt for their beloved fandom. This series is perfect for anyone who is a fundashi or is introducing them to BL culture but be warned this series can get a little tedious after a while. I give this series three and a half stars.

How To Sew A French Seam

French seams and parisans have many things in common, there high maintance, complicated, have a tendency to make you cry out in frustration and look absolutely stunning (though I loathe it admit). Anyway today I am going to teach you how to sew one of these annoying little pests.

First you want to have the good sides of the fabric facing outward and the bad sides facing inward, to tell them apart I suggest you mark the bad side of the fabric to tell which side to sew on.

Now because my seam allowance is 1cm I’m going to sew 0.5cm down the side, place the fabric on the edge of the foot, for those with domestics figure out where the .05cm is. Then start sewing and like when you hook up with a guy or girl remember go as slow or as fast as you feel comfortable with because if you rush you can make mistakes and 70% of those times when you rush, an accident occurs and trust me you do not want that.

Once it is sewn get out your scissors (these are mine there kind of big), use whatever pair you feel comfortable with. There’s no shame in using a small pair no matter what anyone else says, the more control you have when doing this the better. You don’t want to get to close to the stitching otherwise the pieces of fabric will all fall apart, now that’s done lets go to the iron.


Iron both sides and then with the seam allowance iron it to one side. Fold the fabric with the seam right down the middle make sure it’s not over to one side, right down the middle. Then iron it down to make it stay. Don’t over iron otherwise it will create shinny patches.

Back to the sewing machine, now you want it as close to the foot to get 0.5cm this is where the rest of the seam allowance is going, remember control is key without control you’re just like that character on the walking dead, you all know which one I’m talking about.

Open the seam to check that there aren’t any stray threads and then iron the seam open and tada a beautiful french seam. Now I decided to do .5cm on the inside and outside but you guys can go smaller, you can sew .7cm on the inside and a .3cm on the outside and you can go even smaller, I have heard of the legendary .1cm seam it is a fable among sewers but some believe it to be true. I would suggest that you would you use this seam in shear fabrics and any fabric that is weak as french seams are strong.

I hope you found this informative please like and follow me because that makes me happy.

Blue Exorcist Season 2 What is going on?


Finally at long last the new season of Blue Exorcist came out and when I first watched it I was confused, extremely confused because the first season didn’t seem to be following through to the second season from where we left off and instead we are starting off from episode 17 where Amaon attacks the group and Rin shows off his flames which we see in a flashback, honestly if they hadn’t added that flashback scene I would have been continually confused for the rest of the episode of what was happening. With the first episode of season 2 jumping off at this point it makes the first season disheveled and quite confusing if you have only watched the anime because those who have read the manga know that after episode 17 in the first season all the episodes became filler. At the time of the release of season 1 there was only 9 manga’s in the series at that time so they had to assume how they should end the season, so they gave a rather ambiguous ending that was ever so slightly cheerful with twist of adventure and resolved issues between characters.

This ending was ruined by the first episode season two where I found out that we were going off from episode 17 instead of where the anime originally left off, all the development from episode 17 completely evaporated, Yukio is no longer a demon he’s still human, Rin and Yukio still have there walls up to each other which is really sad and now we have to continue with Rin’s friends being weird to him after finding out that he is the son of Satan and we have to re-go over that whole ordeal which is rather annoying.

Although the disappearance of the character growth leaves a disgusting bitter taste that lingers on my tongue this does bring the story back to it’s roots and we can get on track to the original fight with Satan.

Fixing what has gone wrong seems to be the major point of this season and I am honestly excited for this as I hope to get a better resolution between characters with a stronger adhesive. We will have to forgive the first season quite a lot in those terms but as long as you stick to the original manga story line I will be happy and the fans will be happy, for we know what happens when you piss off the fans.

The first episode of season 2 looks great we have a set up of the storyline starting with the impure King and then the cram school going off to Koyto for a training trip I won’t give you anymore details than this as I have no wish to spoil the enjoyment of this episode. Although I found this episode enjoyable but it was also jarring as the flow of how things are set up are out of order I believe we return to a natural flow by episode 2 or 3.