Star Vs The Forces Of Evil Promo Analysis

Well Star vs The Forces Of Evil is going to have a 2 hour movie special on July 16th and I can not wait I am just so excited by the prospect of this. The short promo appears to jammed packed with flashbacks possibly telling us more of Queen Moon and Toffee’s past along with the darkest spell being cast. We will hopefully have most of our questions answered but before that happens let me give you a run down on what is happening in this promo.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 3.56.45 PM

As we delve into the first scene we are hit by a flashback to the great monster massacre. How do I know this well I will tell you near the end. There is a foot crushing a high wall indicating a siege as there appears to be no people around and this appears to be Mewni this may possibly be a trap for the monster because of the missing citizens as well as soilders.

We instantly cut to the wand being lit green and with a flash to the star shard lighting up that has been embedded into Toffees hand which explains the aesthetic design of the wand and how he started to grow out of it. The scenery surrounding the wand at this point is the same setting of Ludos old castle so we are going to have an introduction of how the wand came into being as originally the shard was buried alone under the ruble after “Storm The Castle.”

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 3.57.44 PM

What comes up next is possibly a flashback to when Ludo first got the wand as in the episode “Star Crushed,” Queen Moon sends most of the rats away while only a few remained to be crystalized and Hecaboo opens a portal and sends the bird and spider to a different dimension but due to it being a part of Ludo’s hand which happened during “Star Crushed.” Meaning Toffee tried to take over with his hand before and failed or he went back into the shard so he could trap the High Council.

Ludo/Toffee who is standing just outside of Menwni as we can see the castle in the background. The area reflects a retreated army and it appears the monster temple has somehow blown up as the pillars vaguely resemble the same ones that were in the temple. With the colourful explosion that lands a few feet from away from him. With the bright visuals and from past colour schemes from “Storm The Castle.” My notion is that this can only be Star ready for a showdown with Ludo/Toffee.

We cut to someone shaking hands with a muddied creature and who looks a lot like Queen Moon being twisted by the darkness. At first I didn’t think this was Moon but after a bit of inspection I found a few tells that this in fact her. When the camera pans upward we get a very glimpse of armour which is the same one she wears when she went into battle, along with her cheek marks although only half is shown it’s clear this is Queen Moon who is being swallowed by the darkness in a flashback sequence.

Let’s go back to the scene I skipped where the darkest spell is cast and yes this is it. In Queen Moons tapestry we see thick ominous deathly clouds that encompass the wand and when we inspect the scene the same clouds are surrounding it. Many of you did not believe this was Queen Moon holding the wand because of the subtle details that do not appear when we first see it, well there is a reason for this. As we learn in episode “Monster Claws.” When a person changes mentally so does the wand meaning we are seeing an event not in the past.

All flashback scenes have a faded look, probably to exaggerate the past but when we focus onto Queen Moons wand it doesn’t have that effect, it’s clear. This means this scene is happening now in the present, Queen Moon will obtain the wand again and recast the darkest spell.

And the words the Toffee speaks right at the end “Have you learnt nothing.” Has a deeper meaning than any of us previously have come to know we coupled with this imagery.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 3.58.02 PM

From this short video I have grasped so many wonderful ideas of where this movie will take us and I for one cannot wait to see these ideas in action.


A Silent Voice A War Of Different Mediums

Silent Voice has been out for a while now and it’s been widely received as a masterpiece with many saying it’s better than Your Name. Unlike with Your Name, Silent Voice was adapted from a manga and whenever any form of print is turned into a film there is that repetitive argument that always pops up over and over again. Which was better the book or the movie or in this case manga.

A general consensus from people was that the film was enjoyable and although they had to cut some character development and a few other moments it stayed mostly true to the source material and many of the fans could not find any major faults in that regard.

Until they discuss the ending of both story’s, where the storm of the argument lies with voices on each side either saying the manga version was better and the other side saying the films version was better. Well I’m here to tell you warring factions that both of you are correct.

Books and Movies are different mediums and what happens in books does not always translate well into film, The Killing Joke was proof of that. So for the sake of the film some parts need to be changed otherwise you end up with dissatisfied patrons who just want to forget what they saw and critics who could potentially ruin you and your mother going on and on how you could have made a masterpiece if you just changed the ending. But that is not to say that the manga ending does not have a satisfying conclusion.

For those who have only seen the film the manga version ends by both Ishida and Nishimiya opening a door to join their old classmates after the coming of age ceremony but not actually showing the reunion.

This ending leaves the reader to imagine what will happen once they open the door. Literary works can reach a satisfying conclusion while also giving us enough to chew on to imagine what has happened. The film structure of Silent Voice demanded a different ending to satisfy the minds of the patrons.

Ishida is walking through a crowd overhearing there conversations with even a few people talking about him he then puts his hands up to his ears blocking out the sound all around, then he looks up.

When the X’s over people’s faces flutter down on the ground. His tears that fall are filled with relief as he can now he can finally forgive himself.

In the book of Crying The Natural and Cultural History Of Tears. There is a sentence that relates perfectly back to his situation.

“Tears began to be granted a certain kind of power, both as a form of entreaty and as testimony to the crier’s honesty and integrity.”

With this powerful emotional climax it sticks in our minds and satisfies us by knowing that he has finally forgiven himself and as the movie had cut large portions of the character development out it makes more sense to end it like this and with the very last scene before we cut to the words we have the two of them standing in a circle of light side by side in a unknown future.

So let me just conclude this by saying each story reached a satisfying end in it’s own medium and that is always fulfilling.

My Hero Academia The Effect Of Bullying On Deku

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the anime and manga.

Now before I begin I just want to say I understand the Bakugo has a superiority complex and I know why he hates Deku but that does not take away from the fact what he has done and how it has shaped him.

The story starts with our main hero Deku, an underdog who is constantly abused by his childhood friend Bakugo.

At first I believed that Deku came out relatively unharmed by this bullying, but as the series progressed it has become apparent the bullying has left deeper scars than I originally thought.

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 7.22.03 PM

When Azawia is discussing the relationship between Deku and Bakugo with how they interact when paired up in a team. “They’re on horrible terms.” He points out. This statement shares the blame equally between the two which is completely unfair to Deku. Bakugo’s superiority complex at the time made it impossible for other people to get along with him and the only person who can get close is with someone who can figure him out and is not afraid of him or in other words a complimentary personality.

It was at this point I came to realise that none of the teachers (except All Might but he doesn’t really press Mydoria on it)  know about Bakugo bullying Deku or just don’t address it as far I can see. The students know something happened between the two but they don’t delve in to it deeply with just a brief moment where Ochako says “I remember now…it’s Bakugo who keeps bullying you.” But beyond that nothing with the other students. While some of the faculty know about Deku inheriting his power from All Might none of the students do (except for Bakugo but that’s later on and not really important because he was the one bullying Deku in the first place), there all assuming that Deku has had his powers since he was a kid. The students are completely unaware that just before the entrance exam he was quirkless and have no idea that he was bullied by Bakugo so mercilessly that he visibly flinches whenever he uses his powers around him and when he see’s Bakugou approaching he prepares for an attack from him.

He’s been constantly bullying Deku since preschool and soon after other kids began to join in. In the series the bullying is seen as both physical and mental which can greatly harm a person. In Deku’s case he develops feelings of inferiority which he constantly battles against as Bakugo is always right behind him trying push him beneath his boot heal. His torment goes to the point where he advises Deku on committing suicide saying, “If you want a quirk so damn badly, just throw yourself off the fucking roof and hope you get one in the next life!” The scene plays out lightly to me but it is far darker than I imagined as it’s confirmed by Deku mulling over his words as he does say it was suicide he was talking about.

When Bakugo got a flashy quirk while his other classmates got rather useless one’s, this solidified his place at the top of the hierarchy of the classroom making the other peons follow him out of awe as in this world whoever has the flashiest toy is the leader and whatever he says is immediately law. His reasoning for his torment of Deku was for a perceived slight when Deku tried to help him up when he fell down in the water, he saw this as Deku looking down on him and that is when the torment began. As the other children saw Bakugou beat down Deku him for not having a quirk and like the ever-present sheep they are the students join in on the torment that lasted till Junior High.


Previous flashbacks indicate that most of the kids that were in Deku and Bakugo’s preschool were also in their junior high school classes. As weird hands and shark haired guy hang out with Bakugo after school when they get attacked by the slime villain. These are the same individual’s who were around him when they were beating that kid up at the park. From the time they were in preschool till Junior High Deku has been constantly put down, beaten up and isolated from most kids his age as till up to High School Deku has not made any friends other than Bakugou.

Deku knows this isn’t how other kids are treated by there fellow peers and desires the same treatment that everyone else gets. Not knowing how to go about it he looks at heroes who are admired, loved and adored by the public specifically the top hero All Might. All Might is adored by everyone as the number one hero, who wouldn’t want to be like him but this has caused some issues. All Might over the years has put himself in extremely dangerous situations and portrayed as self sacrificing by the media. Putting everyone else above his own safety. Now I can practically hear you saying this is what hero’s do but there is a difference between being selfish and not caring about yourself and All Might is walking that line.

All Might has even damaged himself to the point where he can’t use One For All anymore. It is a repetitively hammered in fact that in this world hero’s must sacrifice to protect and be willing to do anything to save the day.

Deku worships All Might like a god and with no father around because we see no hide or hair of Deku’s father ever, he starts to mould himself in his idols image as he is the closet to a dad he has ever had.

The bullying followed by his hero worship of All Might has forced Deku into a mindset that we see very often, the sacrifice of self. He has damaged his body for the sake of everyone else. His arm is covered in scars, his bones have been broken repeatedly. While in his mind he breaks his body to protect people and win the love of his hero but in the end he views himself as someone who needs to constantly put others first no matter what.

This self destructive way of thinking has caused irreversible damage to himself and it is only with the retirement of All Might and a reminder of his past failures that he has vowed to not damage himself anymore, I just hope the change is permeant and not just a fleeting thought otherwise good bye pro hero dreams.

Steven Universe: Wanted Promo Analysis

Hi this is Weird here and I decided to write an analysis of the Steven Universe promo Wanted I known that others have done similar but I thought I would give you my view on what I saw and maybe I can make you see my way to. I won’t be covering the scenes from Stuck Together as the episode has already debut, but that’s enough of an introduction let’s dive in shall we.

Lars is sweating bullets as he’s scanned by the roaming eye but nothing happens to him only Steven, who’s gem glows. The few scene’s I saw with the same background had Lars destroy it as it was attacking Steven for what I can only assume is trespassing. For once in his life Lars seems to be digging deep into his emotional bag pulling up on courage that has been buried by cowardice and fear. Though I don’t know how long this wave of courage will last. For in the next few scenes we see Steven and Lars steal Blue Diamonds palanquin and I know how frightful the diamonds can be once you have enraged them.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 3.54.32 PM

I have been waiting for so long to see the Diamonds in action and finally we will get the chance to witness there power or at least Yellow Diamonds powers as she is clearly being shown using it or at least directing those electrical currents that are moving across her body. By her expression she clearly knows what she’s doing and not in pain at all as her eyes give away that she’s focused and in control.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 4.20.50 PM

The kindergarten that was shown being blown up has all perfect holes from which various gems have emerged from. From the episode kindergarten kid we know these are jasper quality holes, perfect in every way creating gems that are flawless. The way they are shaped and by how large they are I believe these are where most of the Rose Quartz have emerged from and possibly a few smaller gems as the holes aren’t large enough. Why is this important. If you remember correctly in the episode Gem Heist. The room where Blue Diamond is kneeling the ceiling is covered in Rose Quartz gems that have been bubbled. During this scene I couldn’t help but wonder why they still kept the soldiers around and didn’t shatter them? Even Yellow Diamond asks this but now I have an idea about why she kept them. Either it’s because of sentimentality that Blue Diamond has for her sister Pink Diamond previously shown off by collecting more humans for the zoo or a far darker reason. From the direct lyrics Yellow Diamonds song in Gem Heist these Rose Quartz’s rebelled against Home World so the only logical reason of why Blue Diamond kept them, was that Home World might meet an enemy so big they cannot defeat them with their current resources and would need extra help. After all the Sapphire’s of Blue Diamonds court are nearly 100% accurate in their depictions of the future and after all if you want to know why you start a war a Sapphire will know.

Due to the lack of information I do not know if they are on a space station or on Home World, but from the aesthetics my eyes are leading me to a space station because of the similarities between the station on which the zoo was located on. Home World is all about efficiently so they would keep the same design and not keep creating new designs unless for a technical purposes as Yellow Diamond is far to logical to change outward Designs for the sake of changing them. Though the inward design with all the cheeses graters is strange, what could be the reasoning of that design.

As we move further into the building we see Steven is sitting in a indent in White Diamonds shape. As we know this part moves. I can write with certainty that this will turn into a podium for him to stand on so he can reach the Diamonds eye sights so they don’t have to look down at him as they cast judgment but straight into his eyes.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 3.53.50 PM

With the way Blue Diamond is scrutinising Steven it reminds me of a cop grilling a suspect they just know is guilty of whatever crime they are accusing them off. I can practically hear the cogs turning in Blue Diamonds mind as she observes Steven, as though she’s trying to push the truth out of him with her eyes. By all appearances Blue Diamond was the most physically affected by the death of Pink Diamond. Going into a deep depression that Yellow Diamond tried to pull her out of but the only thing that possibly could was capturing Rose Quartz and exacting justice and as we know from the recently released synopsis for this episode is, “Steven goes to court with the Diamonds and is put on trial.” So my initial thoughts were correct but I do wonder if this trial will be an actual trial or a fast with the outcome already decided.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 4.23.51 PM

I speculated with myself that this gem was a historian because of her monocle and her general design, but after reviewing the footage it’s clear to me that she is a lawyer as her nervous or possibly frightful expression that she’s wearing can be explained by defending Home Worlds most notorious criminal Rose Quartz. A high profile case such as that would have the most hardened lawyers shaking in there bell bottoms as she is about face off with the diamonds who with a single word can have her shattered.

There has been much discussion about what this gem could be but after strenuous analysis I have come to the conclusion that this is Moonstone gem. The monocle she wears is a calling card to the moon with it’s shape but it might just have something to do with the fetish that Home World has for eye wear. Her Mohawk is very reminiscent of a crescent moon. Finally the bell bottoms which was a fashion staple around the 1960s to the 1970s and it was 1969 when the moon landing took place. Her colour which is a blue that when the floor lights it turns her coloring to an almost white sheen and it has been described by the Gem Society that, ‘Moonstones are prized for their adularescence, an optical phenomenon that creates the appearance of billowy clouds of blue to white light with a moonlight sheen.’

This gem is giving me a very deep impression that she is in fact a Moonstone and is doing very little to turn me from that direction of thinking.

Along with this new promo it has been discussed that Steven and Lars will fuse and who will be the voice as either Jeremy Shada or Adam McArthur and I honestly hope the voice is Adam McArthur.

Marco talks with a nasally tone which he and Lars share as well as both characters prone to momentary freak outs. Accompanied by brief moments of maturity with fixing problems with adult solutions which is what Steven is known for, I don’t know if it’s going to Adam McArthur or Jeremy Shada the voice of Finn the Human and no offence to him but his voice would feel strange coming out of the Selar (The Steven and Lars fusion).

Well those are just my jumbled thoughts on the Steven Universe promo if you, have your own thoughts on this please write them into the comments below. Please like and subscribe because that always makes me happy.

Review: The High School Life Of A Fudanshi

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 9.08.10 PM


Ryo Sakaguchi is a regular high school boy, just like any other. He turns out to have a deep love for Boys’ Love. He could live on Boys’ Love alone! The High School Life of a Fudanshi is a hilarious slice-of-life comedy about Fudanshi Sakaguchi and his jolly gang.

My Thoughts

The High School Life of a fudanshi is the truest representation of what a fudanshi is. In another anime series called ‘Kiss Him Not Me’ they used the fudanshi as the protagonist and I was hoping to see the true nature of an avid boy’s love fan, but no it devolved into an otome game and did not portray the true nature of a fudanshi at all as it only showed only one aspect, the obsessed fangirl stereotype. The High School Life Of A Fundanshi shows all aspects of the fudanshi experience the good and the bad.

The Main Characters

Ryo is not gay or an effeminate man, he just prefers to ship guys together. With the plot just revolving around what he and his friends getting into some of the most hilarious conversations as well as situations.

Rumi the fangirl who grew around up around the Otaku culture, who befriends Ryo after a small mountain of awkwardness, these two explore the boundless world that is BL together.

Toshiaki the typical guy friend of Ryo’s who isn’t into BL at all. Often mistaken for a girl from behind and questions his friends sexuality more than once. He has a tendency to play the straight man in almost all situations.

I won’t go into the side characters as they are so two dimensional you would take about one second to figure them out, but I will say they are all BL fodder, they are there to put BL into situations and make the series funny that is what they are there for and they do this part well.

The Grand

The episodes are three minutes long so it does not overstay it’s welcome nor does it drag on; it’s quick, it’s direct and the jokes stick the landing even in English and you can marathon this sucker without having to tape your eyes open at the start of the next day. Through out the series we are taken into the wonderful world of a Fudanshi, reading about the insane fangirls who plague fan forums who constantly choke down BL fodder as if it were there last meal, having Ryo meet someone just like him in the real world and forging a connection made entirely out of there perversions. It truly is art-imitating life in this aspect and pure to what is down to earth boys love community.

The Bad

While the art style is very beautiful for such a small production it can be quite lazy in some scenes, with the close ups and the darkened background with no lip movements and only dialogue, I understand the character is talking in his head but they reuse it so much it becomes agitating especially when they use chibi characters with minimal movements or use deconstructed art, when you have such limited time you need to put your best foot forward.

The series is episodic in nature and can get tedious after a while giving you a sense of de ja vu because you thought you clicked on the next episode not replayed it. Also you would think this series would be blaring out a obvious BL play by play situations, but they simply aren’t there or are very watered down. Of course like any anime series there are hints at it much like with the yuri in a girls slice of life show, they tease you with the idea even setting up the scene but it never plays out it’s quite the cock tease, which generally makes me enraged as I hate these fake outs but in defense of the series these are more close bro relationships that barley tread into the homo, the flirting between the guys is shown that of a closeness.

The Setting and Music

As for most anime the setting takes place at a school, big shocker there right, but it is co-ed which I find rather fascinating, in a BL series it’s almost like girls don’t exist, they are used mainly as cannon fodder casting and generally either spewing exposition or being a fake out love interest though we know it isn’t ever going to happen. Here in this series they actually play around with this idea and it’s actually seen as possible more than a few times.

And as for the music Sekai wa Boy Meets Boy, it is the perfect ending song for this anime, it’s quick, it’s catchy and it is memorable and plays off Ryo’s fantasies. There’s not much left to say, the song did its job and did it well.

The Shipping

Rumi and Ryo make the perfect pair of friends because of their love for BL. You don’t hope that they will get together and whenever it’s hinted that it could happen it’s immediately disproven with comical scenes of hostility proving that these people cannot get together.

While many of the side characters are given possible romantic attachments to the guys their flirting with, it goes nowhere, it’s more of a visual fan service to all the BL lovers watching as their imagination can fill in the rest.

The Conclusion

The embarrassment from buying a BL novel while despairing over spending vast amounts of money they part with to get that elusive doujhinshi that they have waiting three years to find.

These are all the emotions real Fudashi have felt for their beloved fandom. This series is perfect for anyone who is a fundashi or is introducing them to BL culture but be warned this series can get a little tedious after a while. I give this series three and a half stars.

Penguin And His Wifu

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 8.36.51 PM

Tobu Zoo has been collaborating with Kemono Friends where host special events to hopefully bring in more visitor’s, specifically the otaku crowd but due to unforeseen circumstances the zoo has turned one of it’s penguins into a otaku.

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 8.36.59 PM

Grape-kun a 20-year old penguin, fell head over heals in love with Hululu, a humbodlt Penguin character as it was decided that each animal would be paired up with there counterpart. It has been noted buy the visitors that Grape-kun spends his long days looking at, kneeling next to or worshiping the card board cutout as if she was his mate. He even neglected to socialise with his flock just so he could have more time with his wifu.

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 8.00.37 PM

Due to this they have separated Hululu for his health so he won’t fall into the pool during closing hours. As of now this penguin so a full on otaku obsessed with his waifu and it looks like this is not going to stop anytime soon.