5 Movies To Distract Yourself



This movie is a subversion of classic superhero tropes all from the perspective of our main villain. If your sick and tired of the classic superhero movies and just need a good laugh this is the movie for you. With hilarious animated comedy that will leave you in stitches and drama that will leave you in tears.

Caddy Shack


Longing for the outside world, want a summer, well I suggest Caddy Shack. I find that the lines run together smoothly, the costuming is beautifully done and all over it’s a fun film to just sit back and laugh at the ridiculous hilarity that happens at the Bushwood Country Club, following the summer job antics of the caddy’s and the members as they figure out life, love and the mysteries of golf.

Repo The Genetic Opera


A gothic rock musical about people getting elective surgery, designer organs, addiction and the value of human life. These songs will stick in your head long after the movie stops playing.

The Princess Bride

princess bride

A wonderfully crafted tale of, swordsmanship of the highest degree, gentle giants, a murder plot, revenge, poison, a princess and true love.

Hot Fuzz

hot fuzz

A cop movie that actually features police doing actual paperwork and a crime that spans out into a conspiracy in this hilarious comedy.

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