5 Podcasts To Listen To In Quarantine

The Bright Sessions


Listen into the private conversation of Dr. Bright’s patients, friends, enemy’s, creepy government agents and family, who are either involved with unique super powered individual’s or are these individuals.

The A.M Archives


Audio files documenting details I can’t say write down, from a government agency that doesn’t technically exist.

Alice Isn’t Dead


It’s a tale as old as time. Girl falls in love, her love dies, turns out she’s not dead, girl goes on the road to find her, girl finds answers, girl doesn’t like the answers, girl changes the world.



On Earth’s man-made second moon Typhon, many humans come into the stars and A.I Sayer helps these individuals adjust to they’re new lives while keeping Erolith Dynamics bottom line as its main priority.

Welcome To Night Vale


The one of many Radio stations in Night Vale but the only one we have access to from our side of the universe. Where our gracious host talks about the usual strange happenstance that happens within the town and daily events.

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