How To Create Words

Creating new words is an exhausting and daunting task, as the legibility in written word and pronunciation on the tongue must be organic to fool the reader that this word had always existed when the opposite is true.

Keep in mind when creating words they’re must be a purpose for its creation. If your just trying to sound smart by creating a word for something that already exists your just going to confuse your reader unnecessarily. Unless that is the case and you want to use misdirection and keep them asking what the word means so they are left on the edge of they’re seats wondering how it will play into the story.

Here’s a brief insert from my short story Miria’s Marvellous Mavelcation where I use the word Mavelcation;

With the dragon futility trying to chase her down it opens it’s jaws wide with Master Avarie mousing up and out of it’s jaw perching on it’s head as fire spews out. The fire nipping at her heels, the pit inside her widens and groans wanting to swallow her hollow clinging to a hand rail that doesn’t exist and instead of holding on like last time she let’s go delving deep inside, darkness surrounds her and waits for what feels for an eternity and they’re in the pit there’s a light burning brightly, reaching out for it Miria feels a brightness fly over her skin transforming her and morphing her Mavelcation. 

The use of Mavelcation shows a person going from human being to a being made of fire in descriptive detail as for the readers to get a feeling of the word without spoon feeding them the words. I could have used metamorphosis in the title, but Mavelcation is tantalizingly magical on the tongue and creates hints of intrigue of what Mavelcation could be and what it means. I’ve given you my knowledge and now it’s time dear readers to create your own words and I have a handy chart ( of where words begin and were they usually end so you can create wonderful words like Mavelcation.


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