Weird’s 2019 Summer Anime Watchlist

Well the summer seasonal anime is right around the bend or is all ready here as it were and I would just thought I would give you a little list of what I will be watching this time around for 2019 summer.

Dr. Stone


Humanity has been turned to stone and then a several millennia pass and people start waking up and they have plans to solve petrification. This looks remarkable and although I have not read the source material I have heard nothing but praise so I’m going into it blind.

Animation Studio: TMS Entertainment

Episodes: 24

Vinland Saga


Viking’s, revenge and a story of a young boy becoming a man in this turbulent world, looks to be a good story to sink my teeth into and I’ve always been a fan of vikings.

Animation Studio: Wit Studio

Episodes: 24

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest


Isekai anime that looks really generic but I will watch it any way because I want to be proven wrong and I hope I am and I haven’t seen an entire class transported to another world just the individual so I hope it will make for a interesting watch with that dynamic but my expectations remain at an all time low for this.

Animation Studio: Asread, White Fox

Episodes: 13

Fire Force


People are spontaneously combusting, a mystery under foot and the drama with fire fighters who put them out. I can’t wait to watch it as the animation looks amazing and I love a good mystery.

Animation Studio: David Production

Episodes: 24

Isekai Cheat Magician


Adding another really generic looking Isekai anime to this list where we have two High School students who are shockingly transported to another world and unbelievably powerful, I wonder if they will play this straight or with a hint of comedy, I’m really hoping for the latter and not the former.

Animation Studio: Encourage Films

Episodes: 12

Maou-sama Retry!


From what I understand it could be like Overlord or it could be more like How Not To Summon a Demon Lord or a mixture of both.

Animation Studio: Ekachi Epilka

Episodes: 12

If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat The Demon Lord


This show looks extremely cute and I adore found family story’s so I’m going into this with high hopes.

Animation Studio: Maho Film

Episodes: 12

Well that’s the small list of anime I will be watching this season and I’m looking forward to watching every single one of them.

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