New Year’s

It looks as though 2018 is about to close for me and many other down here in Australia and the New Year is upon us, each year I like to make goals and I know people say I can sort whoever but I prefer the start of the New Year as it feels so neat and tidy, so I thought I would make a little post about all the goals I completed this year, the one’s that I failed and what I plan to complete for 2019.

  • I managed to put a post out every week this year not including January for when I was on my break.
  • Lost 15 kilos.
  • Went back to school.
  • Created some mighty fine videos on youtube.
  • Finished a pilot script.
  • Got rid of some old junk and made some money.
  • Got three credits on IMDb

Resolutions I did not complete;

  • Write a book.
  • Get published in a magazine or book.

All in all I completed a lot more than I thought I would and for my new goals it would be to complete the last two this year and lose 8 kilos because I’m still a bit uncomfortable in my flesh and I feel a lot better after losing all that weight, I also want to get better at analysing and general writing but that will take patience and time which I have in spades. I don’t know if I will keep up the same pace as I did last year because it was extremely exhausting but I will try because my writing really improved because of it. I won’t write anymore on this subject as I’m still feeling a little queasy I ate some KFC and not a hour latter it came back up again, it seems to be a theme of me vomiting on New Years Eve for the past 5 years, any way have a great New Year and may it be exceptionally weird.

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