Frogs Know The Truth-A Weird Short Story

Miss Gogaerous is doing her daily back flip off the rocks in her pond, the small time that she was in the air a suspended moment of falling and landing in the cool waters below was a most thrilling experience as it felt as if she was entering into a new world from what was above her was sky’s filled with warm air and butterfly’s while the world below was filled with cold water, small fishes and hidden treasure, the world above has nothing on the secrets in the world below or the nooks beneath hidden from the humans above her, such silly beings always looking up or straightforward and when they look down they don’t see they just see the ground. Miss Gorgeous let her musings fill her head as she frogged her way onto the rocky path heading for the highest rock. Looking downward to make sure everything would be perfect for her descent spinning around three times for fun she crouched up with her legs outstretched with the sun blinking away in twilight as though jealous of her when with a loud splash her entire body was drenched in water and she blinked dazedly ahead spinning around she saw the reason for her confusion. A young stubby girl in a purple chequered dress with her raven black hair crowning around her head giving the appearance she was wearing a black void as a halo framing her golden brown cheeks and black tendrils covering her closed eyes. If her enjoyment of the moment had waned for a second she would have been smooshed under the weight of the girl but it was odd she was in the pond at all.

“Miss what led you to being in my pond,” the girls body remained stiff at her words, “miss what are you doing in my pond.” Miss Gogaerous voice trumpeted around the pond circling on the girl causing her limp body to regain a little bit of life.

“I don’t think anyone owns this pond.” Her words mumbling into a pile beside herself though this entire conversation was taking all of her energy just to complete.

“Well I may not own it but I take care of it and thus I consider it mine.” All the girl did was groan.

“I threw myself in here.”

“Ah yes the call of the water how can anyone deny such a sweet song-“ The girl threw herself upward her eyes shuttering open and closed with cloudiness glazing over her blackened orbs.

“That’s not the reason okay nothing went right for me this morning, my hair was a mess, I forgot my lunch, left my homework on the counter, I tripped up the stairs, I missed my bus and I had to walk back because I forgot my phone and to make matters worse I fell in here because that is the cherry on top of my shit Sunday,” Throwing the upper part of her body up the water spraying the rocks facing Miss Gogaerous with her eyes wide open but dull, “is that a good enough explanation so you stop bo…the-.” Any all rage seemed to have miraculously left her, “You’re a frog.”

She took off her tall top hat and curtsied, “why yes I am young miss, thank you for noticing.” Placing the top hat back on her head as the water sweeps her into a embrace.

“My granny’s story’s are getting to me,” she spoke clasping her face with hands, “why won’t this day end already.” Miss Gogaerous heard her whisper.

“No young miss your mental faculties are in fact intact your just seeing me as I see myself.”

“I don’t understand.” As she slowly got out and stood eye level with Miss Gogaerous .

“Don’t worry you don’t need to, your not the first one to see me as is but by tomorrow you won’t miss and I doubt you will even remember talking to me.”

“Stop calling me Miss, my names Kalinda.” Thrusting out her hand into Miss Gogaerous face.

Grasping her leg onto her outstretched hand she shook it, “well if were introducing ourselves my names Miss Gogaerous.”

“So what do you mean I will forget this.” Kalinda’s eyes staring at her quizzically as though she could force a magic spell to alter events puling away her hand.

“It’s just the way things work.” Swinging her leg all around.

“Why.” Kalinda’s voice was the beginning of sharpening a blade, a taste to the grinder before the smith grinds upon the rock.

“That’s the way things work.”

“Can you explain that or just leave it cryptically.” Miss Gogaerous saw the twilight slowly disappearing from behind Kalinda’s head.

“Are you sure you want me to, we would have to leave the pond.”

“I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t sure.” She had shown many humans how this moment worked perhaps maybe she will remember it.

“All righty then, ladies it would be a great help if you could swim on by.” Out of the reaches and the sides all too suddenly a school of brightly but small colourful fish  began to circle Kalinda with each iteration of movement they started to slowly blend together.

“What are they doing?”

“Well I said we have to leave the pond.”

“How does fish circling me equal to me leaving the pond.”

“You’ll feel it.” A smile quirking on her froggy face.

“You don’t make a lot of SENSE.” Shouting the last part as the whirlpool sucked her in with only her screams being left behind. Miss Gogaerous dived right in after her and was met with a familiar sight of shiny stars and Kalinda, who’s scream so resembled rushing water though indistinguishable to the water carrying her around.

Miss Gogaerous kicked her front legs doing back flips in the falling water rushing between the stars appearing in front of Kalinda who wore a terrified look on her face, “WHAT DID YOU DO, WHERE AM I?” Kalinda screeched as she was hyperventilating at the bright world around her.

“No need to shout and scream I can hear you just perfectly and where we are is the place is space.”

“We have fallen through the window a brief moment where everything has clarity and the world is seen as is.”

“So this is space, I should be dead.” Kalinda’s head bobbing wildly before settling on Miss Gogaerous form.

“Frog magic solves a few problems here and they’re.”

“So how is being out here explain how I can hear you and then forget this conversation ever happened?” With a flourish of her foot Miss Gogaerous waves her top hat pointing to the stars and galaxy’s surrounding them.

“Look around and what do you see stars, galaxy’s and milky way, filled with bubbly craziness and dying stars, with supernovas and new life being made, this place is hectic crazy even for what is occurring around us.”

Kalinda sticks her head out of the water using her legs to push herself up turning swiftly to all sides before collapsing into the water, “I don’t see that at all.”

“Because here in this window of quiet you can see the beauty in it and you can hear me.”

“Why didn’t you just say that then?”

“This will be the only moment you will be able to see such a sight, “ gesturing to the gleaming stars, “although you will not remember but your dreams will and perhaps you will for a brief moment when you wake up in the morning for a brief moment you will be able to see the beauty in the chaos around you.” Miss Gogaerous watched Kalinda’s eyes grow, the dullness fading off them taking in every sight, a far cry for the quick glance given from before in this piece there are answers and for this moment she could see them. It gave Miss Gogaerous a round of pleasure at this sight, the water started to dance downward very slowly in long spirals and quite suddenly they were spiralling downward but if Kalinda wasn’t going to notice she wouldn’t bring attention to it.

“Are we falling?” Kalinda’s eyes were focused on to the water surrounding her as the water dripping downward.

“The window is closing and we must make our way back through before then.” From zero to a hundred the water dove downward, Miss Gogaerous simply laid back against the rushing of the water as Kalinda’s terrified screams that always seemed to inhabit those she brought a long, she knew better than trying to comfort her as her words had always without fail didn’t stop there incessant screaming. Falling into the earth past the clouds and landing back in the pond with twilight disappearing and night taking over, Miss Gogaerous landed on her rock perched above where Kalinda who was staring up at the darkening sky and remaining for some time she finally got up water dripping off her dress her eyes having that dullness returned to them. Miss Gogaerous sat upon the cooling rock as Kalinda faded out into the distance and with her disappearance she gazed up at the stars.

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