A Great Anime About Writers

A while back a friend of mine asked me to recommend her a movie or a TV show that had a writer as a main character and all I could think to recommend was All You Need Is A Little Sister.


Now many would say that it’s strange by the people who have seen this show that I would recommended this show but I’m guessing those who would be saying such things exited out of the tab after the first 10 seconds and didn’t see the rest of the first episode and the other half of you would probably say, can’t you recommend something more normal for your friend but that presents me with a quandary because a lot of TV shows and movies about writers don’t involve the creative writing process that litters All You Need Is A Little Sister. To me the writing careers seem more like a side plot to the actual drama occurring.

A writer writes the girl of his dreams into reality and it’s him just being with her (Ruby Sparks), a man stole the work of someone else and the other person comes back to confront him about it but not doing anything (The Words).

It doesn’t mean the story’s aren’t interesting but there’s a focus on the everything else, relationship, dealing with control issues, not being good enough and stealing someone else’s work to get by. Not so much the continuous act of writing, seeing yourself improve as time goes by, finding what techniques to use to stay focused on writing like that, they don’t seem to offer that for the viewer.

To me it seems a majority of media that have writers who are just starting out or trying to write that second novel goes a particular way. The meandering part which takes up 90% of the movie and the other 10% there is a few simple few scenes at the end showing them writing up a storm and getting they’re story out and being a huge success to the masses, which isn’t always true to reality. Just because you put your story out there doesn’t mean it’s going to be a great success, you could be working on a novel for years and years pouring your heart and soul into the pages but perhaps it will only ever sell a few copies and be hated by critics and by the public, Butter Scotch Horseman’s story is true for many authors in this world.


I place partial blame on the writing process, being so drawn out as it is. The author wanting to make everything perfect instead of writing words down, writing a novel is a process that can leave you frazzled, frustrated and just be done and not caring what’s going to happen next in the story, what I just described is the first draft mentality where you just can’t keep going and you just don’t care about anything.

Which makes All You Need Is A Little Sister far ahead of the race in the case of these other shows. Because the authors are writing light novels it’s a completely different story in it’s creation from a novel and the usual time taken in it’s creation, which is why the focus on light novels and the story’s being created by the authors is so perfect in All You Need Is A Little.


Many people see light novels as trash because of the lack of words in them and some even being written like scripts, I can see why they say this as I have read a few and at more than a few points I felt like I was being spoon fed the plot, but light novels unlike books don’t usually take years to write unless your Watari Wataru so these books are pumped out relatively fast pace (some can write a single novel in one day) and because of deadlines and writers needing to feed themselves because this is there job they can’t dwell for long and just have to keep going and pumping out books, and slowly getting better over time as they write because they can go back and fix it up but they need to just make something and that honestly is better than nothing I can tell from experience even if it doesn’t come up as nicely as you imagined wether it be in their writing or in other aspirations.5a8faa35d0fec The audience really get’s to experience these high’s and lows of being a writer and how unlike a lot of story’s where writers are involved we actually see how writers can makeup new story’s, or figure out how to unstuck themselves when they have written themselves into a corner and the drama is so realistic to them the clashing of ideas not being able to make deadlines and learning how to break thorough to get the story out there in the world.

This drama doesn’t distract from the original theme and it always brings it back around to the writing, it never for a second doesn’t make it feel like what the characters jobs are not revlanvent because the writers in the story’s each of their works is tied to there own personal journey’s wether it be getting the girl or wanting to be better then last novel you wrote, writers are who they are and are who they will remain and they need to keep writing because they love it and I love watching it.

You know whenever I feel like I’m not good enough or that I should give up writing I look at Itsuki through my computer screen and I see him typing away, he knows he’s not as good as he says he is in writing, but he wants to get better and doesn’t believe there is a cap to himself and keeps going, keeps writing rather than stopping because he would rather write something mediocre compared to Nyu than nothing at all and that is the story I love watching over and over again.

If you know of any good movie or TV shows about writers please put it in the comments below and have a weird day.

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