Weird’s Favorite Christmas Anime

So as Christmas is approaching I thought I should create a list of my favourite top 5 Christmas anime movies, but after finding a variety of titles that just left a horrid taste in my mouth I decided I would write about my favourite anime Christmas movie, Tokyo Godfathers.


Directed by the late Satoshi Kon who created such masterpieces as Paprika, Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress and Paranoia Agent to name a few of his works and if you have seen any of them than you can appreciate his style of his characters being more human than the classic anime figure style and accompanied by fabulous writing that hits you right in the stomach, though unlike other works of his the story presented is straight forward with the only problems being those that characters are faced with or have that they have yet to.

The story centres around a trio of homeless people trying to return a baby back to his birth parents during Christmas, this story goes across the characters pasts and more than a few consequences. Though it is a little strange for it all of this to happen within a couple of days or at all but because of the season I can forgive it, and as many man has said Christmas is a time of forgiveness and joy.

This one of the most beautifully structured Christmas story’s I have watched and it’s definitely worth a moment of your life to watch while your picking away at your other Christmas movie line up and you may have noticed that this a relatively short post and the reason for this is because I don’t want to give to much away because I believe you need to watch this film unspoiled.

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