Why Does Itsuki Want A Little Sister?

Before you continue with this post I should mention I have not read any of the light novels for the shows mentioned and will be judging the content solely on the anime adaption, as that is the way I viewed and judged the material.

A lot of the people I’ve talked to about All You Need Is A Little Sister have been very curious as to why Itsuki wants a little sister and because I’m so in love with this anime I thought I would give a quick little explanation on why Itsuki is so set on having one or at very least why I think he does want one.

Reality and fiction are to different beasts and when it’s comes to idealised dreams a little sister seems great, but as mentioned by his friend Fuwa who actually has a little sister he thoroughly explains the reality of having one, she’s annoying, yells at him and calls him lame and says little sisters aren’t that great, Itsuki although very drunk reply’s that Fuwa’s little sister is trash and that he has a better little sister in his heart, meaning in his imagination.

When people are drunk in anime or in reality they let they’re walls down and speak unfiltered meaning he is aware of the reality that a real brother and sister relationship is kinda crappy with the implication being that they may get a long or will tolerate them each other or at least ignore them till they become a problem like Tomoko from Watamote barging into her brothers room half the time asking for advice and Tomoki is just tolerating her because he feels bad for her. I don’t know anyone in reality that truly get’s a long with there sibling while they are living togther and when they leave they don’t usally meet up unless it’s for special events or someone dies at least from my experince but that still raises the question on why Itsuki wants a younger sister in his life even if he is aware that they aren’t that great.

With my research into incest I find that the reason people commit it is a form of narcissism(Symptoms include an excessive need for admiration, disregard for others’ feelings, an inability to handle any criticism and a sense of entitlement), that a relationship with a relative is a means to please yourself with the partner meant to be treated as a object rather than a person but that is only with blood relations or people while of not of the same blood growing up in the same house and are visually seen as a sibling’s, but Itsuki doesn’t care about either of these aspects. He has mentioned repeatedly he doesn’t care about the person being related to him, all that matters is that the person is a little sister that’s what he want’s in a partner, blood has seemingly no equation in it for him when considering his partner for romantic endeavours which brings in his figures on his shelf.


There is a variety of different little sister figures on his shelf and from what information I could gather we have Kirino from My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute, Sagari from Eromanga Sensei, Kobato and Maria from Hagani, Komachi from My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu and Miyuki from The Irregular at Magic High School. With the rest of the figures being unidentifiable to me.

Looking at the characters from each of the series I have found that the majority of them share common characteristics, they all support their brother and they all rely on him in some form. Sagari supports her brother by drawing pictures for his light novel and is supported by him financially and emotionally when they’re parents die. Kirino rely’s on her brother to keep her Otaku secret and she supports her brother in a tsundere way, Komachi supports her brother by being cute so he can get through the day and she rely’s on him whenever she has a problem. Maria while not related by blood to the brother of the series she supports him and the club he is a part of and rely’s on him when she runs away from home or just in general, Kobato rely’s on him to take care of her and supports him as a little sister anime fashion such as being cute, Miyuki supports her brother with her doing whatever that needs to be done and rely’s on him for emotional support.

While the little sister supports the brother there is usually an equal balance in the relationship of reliance and support but all of this comes from love each to varying levels from normal to absolutely creepy levels but it is still love and with the knowledge of the characterisation of the little sisters I cannot help but think of the first episode’s creepy introduction to the show itself.

In the opening scene of the first episode 1 we are being treated to a disturbing scene of a little sister completely naked waking her older brother with a kiss, then with him washing his face with her bath water proceeding to dry off with her bra, then eating her eggs and I mean these eggs come from her then proceeding to eat her panty’s, stripping away the disturbing parts of the scene such as everything I will re-tell this story striping away the anti normie filter. She wakes him up, he get’s cleaned up in the bathroom and she makes him breakfast while his friend sits by as he eats. Inserting the fact that Itsuki is the main character into this situation and what the little sister does is more in fact what a mother would do, waking up her son, making sure he is ready for the day and preparing a meal for him.

He wants his mother back in no uncertain terms but wouldn’t his fixation be on mothers instead of little sisters then but there is a reason for going for the little sister. When his mother died it is shown to the audience that his father pulls away from him and during this time he get’s exceptionally close with his house keeper’s daughter and after a certain amount of time he falls in love with her and admits that he likes her in a romantic fashion after she had just been rejected by the boy she was crushing on but is rejected because her feelings are more of older sister little brother type even though he meets the criteria of why attracted her to the boy in the first place, after that he declares he doesn’t want to see her anymore as he see’s her rejection a rejection of himself rather than the explanation given.

It’s shown through flash backs that he has always wanted the siblings to get together but when he starts writing he actually does this because as a writer your fetishes get put into plot points or at least parts of your self you bury deep down, and it becomes so clear of what he wants.

What he wants is a stable companion that would always be with him no matter what, giving unconditional love as they would know his faults and except them and that would be assured to him all in the form of a little sister and as she is supposedly younger than him would out live him so he would never have to face the heartbreak of losing someone again, barring a accident of course.

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