How The Word Weaboo Came Into Being

Have you ever thought to your self how did the word Weaboo came about in describing wannabe Japanese people, well sit back with a nice cup of tea and let Weird tell you the story of how the word Weaboo came into existence. As most terrible things came about on the internet it started in a place called 4 chan the hell scape of the Internet where the demons lie and sins are spoken freely, this where the terminology of a Weaboo was originally Wapanse and was commonly used to describe a dumb anime nerd, white boy, wannabe Japanese person.

Though with 4 chan being the incarnation of hell itself a mod got offended and deccred to all the peons around him that the next person to post such an offensive word, it would get banned and would no longer be typed upon the keyboards and be autocorrected, so the boards decided to use a silly nonsense word to replace it and by by complete general consensus, the boards picked the word Weaboo from a perry bible comic.


And that my dears is how the word Weaboo came about and why we use it today to describe those wannabe Japanese people.

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