Weird’s Top 10 Horror Anime

Well as it’s now October 31st (here in Australia at least) I feel it is only natural that I create a top ten horror anime list and with my tastes you are bound for a horrorible time, so let’s stop dilly dallying and get into it.



Out in the boonies a new family has moved into the mansion at the top of the hill and with there arrival many deaths are occurring all around the village and because no one wants to preform an autopsy on there loved ones the reason for their death is a mystery, but it’s made all to clear that the family on the top of the hill are the ones to blame for all this tragedy but why and how are they killing so many people that is the question and once revealed questions are asked and we wonder who should really die, the ones on the hill or the ones in the town. This show is slow to getting to the meat of the story and honsley has made a few people quit before getting to the end of the series but if you can stand the slow pace you will fall in love with this story.



You listen to your moral compass and do the right thing but sometimes doing the right thing can lead to disastrous consequences. When Dr. Kenzou Tenma saves a boys life over a politician, due to his moral belifs of every life is scared no matter what position they are in life. He saves the boy but ends his career though he is assured that he did the right thing, but when a series of murders occur around him with the eviendce mounting up and pointing to the very boy he saved he goes on a mission to put a stop to him but in the end who shall really win the boy or the doctor as shattering a mans moral principle is even better than killing him.

When They Cry


Keiichi has just moved to the quiet town of Hiamizawa in the summer of 1983 (a time I was not privy to), he quickly makes with a group of girls pretty sweet if I may say my self, but with the village festival approaching where there is a long running tradtion of body’s turning up or not turning up during this time, there is a mystery afoot and with time repeating itself setting back to before the death of Rika and with each new re-set different events play out and new facets of people are revealed, leaving the audience with burning questions of what’s going on, who is doing this and who is committing these murders and disappearances. With it’s slow burning premise that reminds me of old horror movies, it is a treat to watch as the viewer slowly put’s everything together for while they’re supernatural elements at play the story is human in nature.

Blood C


A young shrine maiden is tasked with keeping her town safe these creatures called Elder Bairns defeating them in bloody showers and beautiful entrails but something is not right in this small town and I’m not talking about the man eating monsters, there is more to this gory story than meets the eye and forgotten memory’s are almost to late to be remembered.



Ever since 1972 class 3-3 always has another person who has been long dead joins the class and every month a person dies unexpectedly in the class so they have come up with a system to avoid deaths by pretending a student doesn’t exist sometimes this works and other times it doesn’t, but when a new transfer student arrives this sends discord in the classroom as he does not know the protocols and the system ultimately fails. With this the students of class 3-3 try to figure out a new way to survive till the end of the year and the answer is not what is expected and implementing the solution is far bloodier than ever imagined.

School Live


Everyday is fun, everyday is great, everyday is the best when you are in the School Living Club. Why don’t you check it out with and bring some hard tack with you, a place where the club mates live at school and never ever go home or else.



One day fish with metal legs come out of the sea and attack humans…That’s all you need to know, go and watch it now.

Future Diary


Writting everyday into his phone about what’s happening around him because he has no friends out protagonist Yukiteru suddenly finds himself in a death tournament fighting for his life and the position of a god due to his actions. Armed with with knowledge of the future and a yandere by his side he may very well survive this game if he can keep his phone safe and his mind.

The Lost Village


A bus full of people all desiring to start over to live the perfect lives they dream of in a little village in the boonies, sounds idealic or the start to a horror series as the village they are travelling to doesn’t exist on any known map, sure people have a vauge idea of where it may be but know one knows the location, one bumpy ride later and when they arrive there it is completely abandoned for atleast a year. Soon people go missing, they can’t seem to leave in-fighting and mistrust run rampamnt and questions what is happening. A show with mystery, horror and the darkest black comedy a person can injure, your in for a fun time despite what the mal score says . I struggled to put this one of the list because of the show is put togther and the ending but I think horror and comedy are linked closer then people expect and sometimes you just gotta laugh at what terrifies you.

High School of The Dead


If you’re a fan of the zombie genre, nearly naked girls, blood n’ guts, fun characters who you don’t want to die a horrible death and really unapealling panty’s shots in the first episode then this show is for you. Maybe you will get something more out of this but to me this anime is how I want to live in a zombie apocalypse. They’re no answers you just gotta keep going till you reach a safe place.

I hope that you have a horrorific time watching these series and if you have already seen any mentioned on the list tell me what you thought of them in the comments below.

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