Zombieland Saga Theory: The Managers True Plan For The Girls


When a person watches anime there is a certain tone of disbelief set within the ground work of it’s reality, but that in essence is true in all fiction. Suspend your disbelief to belief in something that seems illogical, magic, talking animals a whole host of crazy ideas but with anime it’s a little different. When you think anime you think insane to shitty animation, weird and wonderful story lines like fishing on the moon and because of these reasons we give anime more leeway into disbelief and accept what is being presented to us face value. Just look at the first episode of School Live, four girls live at school because it’s a club and if you’ve seen enough anime or read light novels and manga to notice crazy unbelievable things can happen inside of them so we accept this reality and are surprised when it’s revealed that the zombie apocalypse is happening around these characters and Yuki is so broken mentally that she see’s that world as it used to be then to what it is.


Anime logic a golden key to suspend a person’s disbelief and shock them when a story diverges from where you think it’s going, playing it straight and hitting us with the unexpected it happened in Madoka Magica episode 3 where people thought it was just a regular magical girl show but when one of the characters dies that is not the case. Much like a magician showing you a flashy trick in one hand while in the background the real magic is unfolding. This has lead me to a theory on what Kotaro’s true plans for the girls in Zombieland Saga, a tale of a man bring back girls from different eras to form an idol group to save Saga.

I present you with a question that was once in the form of an answer, why bring back people from the dead to form an idol group to save Saga? Sure on paper there is logic to this statement, a certain degree of sanity but when you get into the details the ninty gritty it has no logic at all. A majority of the girls who were brought back from the dead were stars with some backing to their name or a lot but you can’t use this brand recognition and sure talent is fine and dandy, but also there’s just as much as luck involved in getting noticed in the media industry, just look at Gi(a)rlish Number. Sometimes it’s just luck to get put into a production than it is talent and trust me on this I have worked a bit in the Australian media and I have literally have gotten a job on a train from over hearing a conversation. Kotaro would have better luck finding girls from the time period he’s in, there must be a few around or even some girls who want to be actors and would need experience or even use the idol platform as a stepping stone, plus he wouldn’t have to deal with the huge cultural gap between these people who have been dead from a few hundred years to about 10, a lot can happen in that time, technology improves, cultural trends die, that pudding you were saving for after school goes off. Studying can bridge this gap but effectively there will still be a disconnect between the people and the time they came from to where they are now.

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 8.56.40 pm

The only logic with bringing people back for a job such as this would have to be because he doesn’t want to train people up and he doesn’t have to worry about them aging, they won’t ever leave the group as they can’t contact friends or family or have access to any money as they are noted as dead and he doesn’t have to pay them because he can use the excuse of paying rent for the house and their general upkeep pocketing all the money, essentially they are his eternal slaves. He’s effectively got a bunch of Hatsune Miku’s but that present’s a problem these girls are human or at least pretending to be human and when they don’t start aging people will start talking and questioning why aren’t they ageing. This leads me to believe that he wants the girls to be found out, he wants them to be seen, he wants this to be revealed and saving Saga is just a digestible squid to feed the girls as we can clearly see he doesn’t know a lot about the region, when questioned in episode 2 when being asked about the population and can’t give answer when bragging about knowing everything there is to know about Saga to the littlest detail. So what is his end game, at this point in time I have been led to only one conclusion that he wants to make zombies socially acceptable because he himself is a zombie.

Kotaro is a master at makeup so he can easily apply foundation to his body and because so little is seen of his form it wouldn’t be difficult to do this every morning. Figure in with his mannerisms and the way he talks, it’s loud encompassing domineering leaving no room for argument, to me it’s scripted as though he has watched someone of the TV and copying the technique to fit into the time period trying to mask over his old speech patterns with new ones as to not garner suspicious looks and his outfit screams suspicious just look at it. He doesn’t wear traditional bespoke suits like most professional managers or producers would but instead wears clothes that a magician would put on and in episode two he introduces himself as the mysterious idol producer leading me to believe that everything isn’t as it appears with him around which might explain how he brought the girls back to life, magic.

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 9.01.22 pm

Which brings up the question why is he craving social acceptance and why the idol route. Looking at the second episode a few minutes before the rap battle where the girls are messing around when Tae has her head thrown about heading straight for the audience and is caught by an old man who is about to eat some squid and what does he do when her head lands into his hands, freak out, start a riot, try to kill the girls none of this occurs and the man instead gives her the squid he was about to eat because she looked like she wanted it. People are more likely to gain social acceptance when they’re packaged with a creamy frosting and when the customer bites into the delicious flavour they fall in love with the taste but one day they walk behind the counter and they see the cakes with out the frosting, they’re ugly but they still love them because it tastes so delicious and they can’t imagine it not being in they’re life and what do you know when taking a bite it taste even better without the frosting.

This does not mean Kotaro is a good person at this point in time, he still wants to use the girls for money and still contains all the power in the relationship and theoretically by the time social acceptance of zombies comes about the girls will still stick with him because he is safe, their first contact with the world sense they have awakened and I bet he believes they will be grateful for being brought back from the dead that it will blind them to his wrong doings and if doesn’t work out he can cut his loses and wait again till he finds some other slaves for his plan.

But that is just one of my theory’s for this show but I could possibly be wrong as at this moment in time only 2 episodes have aired so far. If you have your own theory’s please post them into the comments below and remember to stay weird.

2 thoughts on “Zombieland Saga Theory: The Managers True Plan For The Girls

  1. My theory is that Kotaro is someone close to Sakura, specifically her younger brother. After she died, he went into Hollywood and all that showbusiness stuff as he was inspired by her, but has had many failures due to being an idiot, although extremely talented and charming. Then he stumbled some necromancy type ability and tested it on his dog, after that success he decided that he not only could bring back his beloved older sister, but also give both of them a life of glory.

    The reason I thought this was because I noticed how Sakura seemed to believe and rely on Kotaro, despite his behavior, almost like how a younger sibling looks up to their older one. It also explains why he always wheres sunglasses as to hide his identity somewhat and why he keeps such an emotional distance from her, more than the others at least. Plus, how would he even know about her, as she merely wished to be an idol, but never achieved it. How could he know she is someone capable of it and have enough faith in her to place her among the legends.

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