Weird’s 2018 Fall Season Watch List

Usually I would create my seasonal anime list after watching the 3rd episode, but I’m doing things from the 1stinstead just to make it challenging as I can’t jump ship by episode 3. So without further delay let me give you some insight on what I will be watching this fall season.

The One I Love is My Little Sister but She’s Not a Little Sister


As you can probably guess from the title this is a sis-con anime and you would be right it is. We have the big brother who is an aspiring light novel author but has constantly been rejected due to his story’s are dull and littered with typical cliché’s, enter his little sister who acts like she doesn’t like him and has recently won the newcomer prize for her light novel, ‘This is the Tale of a Little Sister Who Loves Her Brother Too Much to Cope’? But because of certain restrictions she use’s her brother as a stand in author for herself. The reason she wrote such a piece is because of her diabolical plan is to make incest socially acceptable with her light novel story that seems to be doing exceptionally well as the characters in anime are hyped from this story and so her message of incest will spread far and wide because of it’s popularity and I just feel so ewwy from writing that.

I’ll just come out and write it now before you do, this anime is bad and ugly and if I just wanted to watch a sis-con anime without the blood involved plus the creepiness I should watch Ero-manga sensei as that would be better story wise and for the sake of aesthetics because this looks like something made in 2007, no I’m giving that to much credit 2001, no even giving that is to much credit this looks like the anime the girls in Gi(a)rlish Number were dubbing. It looks worse than Isekai anime from last season that I swore once again those girls were dubbing, the palette is bland the main guy character looks like the off brand of the generic light novel protagonist that I have seen time and time again, the sexy poses the girls get into are anything but appealing to me, the sneak panty shot’s, the tit shots from the loli of the cast are repulsive and unattractive, plus it seems that the food looks terrible which I did not think was possible in anime seriously I don’t think I have seen a anime with such unappealing food that is meant to taste good and the way all the characters are just cardboard cut out’s of classic archetypes lewd loli, perverted editor, tsundere, guy who’s a empty vessel for the audience but there is something a little strange is going on. This anime is filled with clichés, stereotypes and unappealing shots of the characters in lewd positions that a part of me thinks this anime might possibly be poking fun at itself and possibly self aware like how Oriemo was supposed to be but we have to wait and see if it’s going to turn out exactly like how Oremio is.

The main reason I’m watching this is because it’s so bad it’s like a 20 car pile up it’s horrible but you can’t look away all you can do is watch it burn, burn to the ground.

Animation Studio: NAZ, Magia Doraglier.

Episodes: 10.

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai


One day a girl dressed in a bunny girl outfit appeared in front of Sakuta but strangely enough she does not appear in front of others. The girl being Mai a teenage celebrity who is currently an inactive high school senior. Adolescence Syndrome not to be confused with Chuunibyou Syndrome for Adolesce Syndrome is a mysterious phenomenon that only affects teenagers, this can range from people disappearing from sight and memory’s to physical harm with words from people, Sakuta investigates these occurrences and try’s to help those who suffer from the condition.

This show is if My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu was improved upon in every single way. The dialogue is brilliant with the main character getting straight to the point and not bullshitting around and although Mai is a bit aloof she’s not as verbally abusive as the characters archetype that she comes from diverging a little though not completely, but this is also in relativeness to the main character who is perfectly blunt and is supported by people around him so it comes off as light teasing then mean spirited, as the relationship isn’t about one upping each at every single point and with the bluntness between them it in essence is genuine interactions. The backgrounds are gorgeous as well as the character designs I’m just loving the fact the MC does not look like a standard light novel protagonist or a off brand version. Plus whenever he get’s hurt by a member of the opposite sex it goes tit for tat rather than just tat onto him, got to love that equality in my anime I’m really sick of male characters being beaten on for misunderstanding seriously I have no enjoyment of the perceived pervert trope. I hope they continue with this streak in dialogue and animation, as we get further into the series.

Animation Studio: CloverWorks.

Episodes: 13.

Bloom Into You

Bloom Into You

Yuu has always been fascinated by the concept of love as seen in shoujo manga and awaits the day someone will confess to her and drive her mind and heart into a tizzy but when a boy confesses to her she feels nothing. Disappointed and confused she enters High School not giving the boy an answer and unsure of how she should respond. Then upon meeting the beautiful student council president turning a boy down with such elegant airs that she asks Nanami for help but when she confesses to Yuu it send’s her into a tizzy.

I have always been a fan of shoujo-ai and as I have been following the manga for a long time I’ve picked it up and so far it has been beautiful.

The use of colour’s with it’s soft tones just gives off a feeling that this is young love between two girls and coming to understand what love is figuring it out with each other. They don’t understand it completely yet, though they have a desire to and figure out this feeling together so the romance can feel less then genuine but with theme’s of romance and grasping what love is that is expected in this story. As it doesn’t appear to be going off track from the manga for the moment I can’t wait to see what happens especially with their relationship and I hope that we are getting an anime only ending with this as the manga is not yet finished.

I Have Been Reincarnated As Slime


Okay time to do a repeat once again. A guy is stabbed he dies and is reincarnated as slime and has many amazing adventures as he travels all over having fun and saving the day because what’s the point of being the bad guy when he can be the good guy.

It looks good it has a great premise and the animation looks beautiful but from the first episode I got the meh feeling rather than I can’t wait for the next episode anticipation that I usually get. The main reason I’m watching this is because everyone else is and I’m hoping if I stick around long enough I may fall in love with if not then it’s not the worst waste of time, that would be two years studying fashion.

Animation Studio: 8bit.

Episodes: 24.

Goblin Slayer


There is a man known as the goblin slayer, a man who is single minded in his desire to exterminate all Goblins from the world and powerful to back up this claim.

This could be a really boring premise but as we are viewing this story from those around him not the protagonist himself makes a interesting watch, as these people are not always assured they will survive or he will survive and getting angry when he is being put down by other adventures cause they care about him and he won’t get mad as he only cares about killing goblins and that’s all that matters to him, nothing else. People have said Goblin Slayer is what Berserk would be like if it had a good anime adaption, while there has been a giant split in the anime community over the first episode of this I enjoyed it with the colour palette and animation the characters aren’t all their yet but I will wait for that to open up to me, plus the edginess is what I am looking for. While some say this show is edgy for the sake of edgy’s sake I would argue that magical girl site was creating that.

Animation Studio: White Fox.

Episodes: 12.

Zombieland Saga


You might have not have heard this one before, a bunch of girls are brought back to life to be idols and they are awake well most of them are at this point and not the brain dead zombie types. They will become an idol group and save saga, by singing non-traditional idol songs so far into the anime.

Sounds like a good premise right and it is but the elements of horror are what appeal the most to me. When I write about the horror I don’t mean the zombies but the manager Kotatro, as far as we know he has brought back all these girls from the dead and is forcing them into this idol world because he effectively owns them. The prison bar motifs that we see show how trapped the girls are in this life and there is no way for them to escape this reality that has been forced on them, I know that this show is saying it’s better to keep on moving and do something with this new life but it does not take away from the fact that they are trapped in a contract they can’t get out of. They have no one to turn to in the outside world. Despite the fact they are alive they are not, they have been dead for years now and they are trapped into this world without their consent and that is simply horrific to me.

I really want to see Kotatro pay or at least a proper backstory for why did this other than make money and if he did do this for that sake than there will be major hate rained down upon this character but I have a small theory about the girls themselves and the manager that I might share with you in the future. Focusing on the animation and colour it’s not ugly and it’s fluid that’s all I really need for this, good story, good character design, good animation, good palette and interesting characters.

Animation Studio: MAPPA.

Episodes: 12.

Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 9.05.12 pm

As you can probably dissect from the title this is a bookseller who’s weird looking along with the other employees he works with.

The short minutes I am granted when watching this beautiful masterpiece funny characters all around from customers to the employees, popping colours but not an eyesore and while there isn’t much animation due to the comic book style it’s exhibiting it goes with the art style.

Animation Studio: DLE.

Episodes: 12.

And there you have it my watch list for fall 2018. Tell me what are you planning to watch this season and remember to have a weird time when watching these show’s because in all seriousness the anime for fall season is freaking weird.

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