Burnout and How To Deal With It

Burnout happens to the best of us, it occurs when we have taken on too much, working long hours and putting pressure on ourselves to excel. From personal experience and from other people’s input the majority of people who suffer from being burnt out when beginning of a project or in the middle of one trudge through it trying to get to the other side with nothing more than the desire to complete the tasks at hand, but in the end the result is less than satisfactory to their tastes. So what is the solution to those who burn the candle at both ends, well I have three tips that may help you when you reach the pinnacle of burnout to get back into your creative funk.



Put down what you are doing and walk away from it, what you are working on will still be there when you get back to it and once you’ve done that do anything else, read a book, watch a movie, binge seasons of your favourite TV shows or go out the options are up to you as long as you aren’t working. Now this may not be applicable for all as I know some of you get your money from the YouTube channel or the blogs you run and if you can’t stop because of your lively hood depends on updating regularly then the answer is below or at least the closet thing I can find to an answer.



Create something different from what you usually make. For bloggers go nuts write about how the weather makes you feel, a little anecdote of how you first got into the subject your interested in,  you can do anything nothing is off limits. For YouTube’s who do analytic pieces I usually create a AMV or a comic dub but each person has their own niche that they enjoy doing though don’t usually do. While this may not garner as many clicks or likes this makes the burnout blues dissipate a little faster but it will still take time, for me it usually takes a month or two doing the before mentioned subjects before I can get back into it.

Rinse and Repeat


If your repeating the cycle every couple weeks then this is more than burnout that you are dealing with and you need some help, my best suggestion is seeing a physiologist and spill your problems to see if there’s something else to cause this repeated burnout. Sometimes you need another person to put perspective on your situation and this is the best way from personal experience and from people who have experienced burnout.

If you at all have experienced burnout in your life tell me how you dealt with it and overcame it.

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