Katsuki Bakugo: Character Explained Part 5 – Towards The Future

Bakugo ask’s Izuku to follow him to ground beta the first place he lost to him, a place of insecurities and in this place he can express those feelings to Izuku. He brings up how much Izuku has grown and how he was the one to get his provisional license while he didn’t. He goes on with how Izuku recived his quirk from All Might and with Izuku’s silence he takes it as conformation that it’s true that he managed to get this far with All Might’s help. Izuku wonders what Bakugo is going to do now that he knows this, it’s not going to help in anyway and Bakugo wouldn’t blackmail him because it would also hurt All Might and he wouldn’t intentionally hurt him as he looks up to All Might the same way Izuku does and wants to surpass him, not destroy him. Bakugo then reveals what he wants from Izuku, he needs to know what it was that All Might saw in Izuku the person he saw as pebble on the side of the road and he takes what I think is the most logical path, he instigates a fight with him where they can go all out to see what was hidden from his sight and to find out if he was in the wrong about his aspirations.

At first Izuku refuses to fight him but that doesn’t matter to Bakugo and he starts to attack him but all he does is dodge. With his refusal to fight him Bakugo feels that inferiority creeping all over him remembering how he use to follow him around, no matter how badly he beat him up. All Might’s words ringing in his head about the difference in growth with someone starting at level 50 and by starting at level 1, All Might is using body builder lingo people who first start out see the difference right away while people who have been at it for a long time can’t see the change and so Bakugo cannot see his own growth. Finally Izuku stops dodging and attacks Bakugo and fights back knocking him on his ass and Izuku reacting on instinct reaches out his hand to him. Bakugo smacks his hand away and with Izuku’s act of kindness perceived as him once again looking down him and with this act the floodgates on what Bakugo has been holding in floods open. He doesn’t know why all these terrible acts have happened to him, becoming weak, Izuku becoming strong with him constantly looking at his back and the end of All Might being his fault from the way he see’s things. With Bakugo’s outburst Izuku understands that he must fight him now, to Izuku this fight may possibly meaningless but he has to right now Bakugo is on the verge of opening up and as no one else is around only he can receive his feelings.

In this fight everything comes out much how you pierce a pimple and squeeze with the puss falling out like the emotions they share between each other, Bakugo finally lets out how this whole time he thought Izuku was looking down on him while racing after him and that’s why he hurt him so viciously, physically and mentally for so long. After all of Izuku’s analysis he finally understands Bakugo resulting in him doing what he did, in any other person there would be resentment for hurting them and beating them but not Izuku not because he’s forgiving and kind but because Bakugo to him is the embodiment of everything that is amazing. While he did look up to All Might, Bakugo was closer to him than his hero at said time when they were growing up and finally after all this time feels as though he can beat him.

What proceeds is a fight that is a accumulation of all they have learned so far and Izuku wants to win he wishes to defeat what he views as the embodiment of victory but you can’t beat what you see as victory as it will constantly beat you to win and you can’t fully fight it as it in itself is victory to you and in your mind it is unbeatle and in a predictable twist he loses the fight and Bakugo wins but surprisingly he finds no victory in it, because he can’t understood why he won, he had All Might training him keeping him up. All Might chose Izuku and yet he has proven he is better than Izuku so how could he win against him, to him this doesn’t add up. After so much repetitive hitting to his now fragile world view it finally shatters, up is down, down is up, to be smart is to be ignorant and ignorant is to be smart and all of his actions, the way he is has lead to All Might’s end and is racked with guilt and when Bakugo see’s him again after his fight with Izuku, he asks why All Might picked Izuku and not him to receive his quirk, All Might goes on to say, “Despite being powerless, he was more of a hero than anybody else. I judged it was my responsibility to help him stand in the arena, and not you who had long standing in it.” Izuku was powerless but he he kept going for his dreams and interfering, looking back at when Izuku rushed into save Bakugo from the sludge villain he could have simply stayed back and let someone else save him much like how the hero’s standing around waiting for another hero to show up with a quirk equipped for the situation at hand but he ran in anyway despite not having any power because no one was doing anything, the antithesis of a heroic spirt despite his own quirklessness.

Bakugo doesn’t understand as he has the same possibly more of a heroic sprit than Izuku and he now views himself as weak because of all the terrible things that has happened because he wasn’t strong enough, “but I’m weak even though all I wanted to do was become strong like you. But cuz I’m weak now you’re like this.” All Might carefully explains that it was always going to end up this way no matter what he did it was always going to end up this way. Seeing Bakugo’s distress he imparts his wisdom onto him about how to go about being a better hero. “To obsess over victory the way you do, young Bakugo and to want to rescue who is in trouble, the way you do young Midoriya. If you’re lacking in one or the other, you won’t be able to maintain your own sense of justice as a hero.” And Bakugo begins to realize he needs to change and although very slowly we see it happen. Offering advice to Izuku about his style effectively becoming his rival in a sense as he isn’t trying to tear him down as he has done in the past and being less of a rage monster to those around him but nothing concrete nothing to solidify this is a permanent change until he speaks to a child who reminds him of himself.

During his provisional licensing make up classes he finally acknowledges his faults when he see’s himself in the young children and after changing their views on them he utters the words I would never thought would caress his lips at the beginning of the series to a young boy who is so much like him self, “if all you ever do is look down on people you won’t be able to recognize your own weakness.” Criticizing his past actions a acknowledging they were wrong for someone like Bakugo that is a huge devolvement. From the start of the series we have a boy filled with rage intoxicated on his own power and slowly as everything progressed illusion after illusion shattering in his face as he realized to continue onwards he couldn’t continue as he was, he needed to change to become the hero he wanted to be because that is his life’s goal he just needed a little perspective on the matter.

Bakugo is one of the most human characters I’ve come across, his flaws, his view of the world, his pain and self doubt and learning to work past them to become who he wants to be, we are witnessing a driven young boy growing up into becoming a young man. And as such he makes mistakes a lot of terrible horrible one’s but it’s in his decision not to repeat them and while he has still not apologised for certain acts in the past I can tell he is working up to that, I can tell. I’m happy he’s going down the right path now as I can feel a large weight has been lifted off of him and because of this I know one day he will be able to walk with Izuku side by side and everyday that gap closes just a little bit, because while no one in this world is born equal they can become it.

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