Katsuki Bakugo: Character Explained Part 3 – Get Away From Me Nerd

When retaking the ball test at the training camp Bakugo only throws the ball 709.6 meters form his original being 705.2 meters a growth of 4.47 and you can clearly see he surprised by this. it’s little growth not a huge big leap like Izuku has done and what a leap it is, he beat him in the Hero’s vs. Villains test, he’s learned to control his quirk during his work experience and he basically did nothing while being under a pro hero, he’s angry at himself and his lack of development. At the start of  the school year he was cocky with all this potential believing himself to be a unpolished diamond that is waiting to shine with proper care he could be the next All Might within six months but that’s not what has happened. Every turn he has made seems to be in the wrong direction and when he feels like he’s moving he just standing still and the landscape rolls by. But with this camp he’s been given what he has long been asking for training to improve himself he’s not going to let it go to waste, him pushing himself to the limit, training exceptionally hard trying to widen the gap that he has so far been unable to do, but after only two day’s of training the villains attack and he is inevitably captured and he takes to being captured to a live fish on a fire pit, there’s a lot of flailing but nothing can be done to save him.

Brining Bakugo back to the villain head quarters Tomura offers him a position among their ranks and bakugo’s response is a explosion to the face which is a ballsy move but I didn’t expect anything less from his character as he would never join the villains not even in a faint sort of way. Because even though he is betting with his very life in this situation he tells the truth, which is actually quite admirable, as he has never lied, he may not be able to admit certain truths to himself but every word that comes out of his mouth is complete honesty. As I’ve mentioned before Bakugo emulates All Might and although he may stretch some truth in some cases he doesn’t lie to people. Bakugo want’s to be a great hero even greater than All Might so he uses him as a mold to become that person. Trying his best to become an upstanding hero because as much we are meant to think of Bakugo as a villain he won’t ever become one. Bakugo is basically the antithesis of that old saying “you either die as a hero, or live long enough to become a villain.” The narrative pushes the fact that yes Bakugo does act rather villainous at times but it also continually slaps us in the face with how dedicated Bakugo is to becoming a hero like All Might, this his life’s goal his one and true motivation and it all comes together so perfectly in this scene. He values the path of a hero not for others but for himself, despite how twisted that view is on what a hero does we are assured that he would never walk the path of a villain.

Bakugo’s views on what makes a great hero boils down to never loses a fight. Imitating All Might in all aspects or at least what he see’s from him the one part which is that hero’s never loose a fight rather than saving people. When we see a person that we look up to people have a tendency to only focus on small parts that they have shown and what makes them cool to us and ignore everything else about them because of how miniscule they appear to the beholder registering as unimportant and with parts of a person that we like for ourselves we have a tendency to imitate thusly Bakugo has constructed himself around these ideals. Imitation of a individual is not bad as it can help a person learn and grow and Bakugo certainty has done this but in My Hero Academia’s narrative it is punished wether it be positive or negative imitation, Shouto was punished for his negative imitation of Endeavour that stopped him from using the entirety of his powers and thusly he became like him closed off and rejecting his peers, for Izuku it was his positive imitation of All Might that led him to be injured constantly injured as he saw it as All Might’s quirk and not his own using it as All Might would and not as he should. Imitation is not rewarded in this world and even though he has been punished for it, he has yet to learn the lesson he needs. Though through his imitation of All Might this gives us a clear view on how Bakugo views hero’s and his goal.

If it’s not plain to see by now I have failed in my job to explain his character but if I have failed the reason that Bakugo wants to become the number one hero is because he believes himself to be the best so why not make it permeant so it can never be taken away from him. Bakugo needs to constantly be reaffirmed that he’s amazing because despite the over flowing confidence he has in his abilities there is this little nagging voice in his head that he’s not the best and it sounds a lot like Izuku because despite Bakugo knowing that he’s great, when it comes to Izuku all logic and reason tend to fly out of Bakugo’s head. In the villain’s vs. hero’s test instead of listening to Iida’s strategy he goes off and confront Izuku about hiding his quirk head a plan that was ill-advised for many reasons, then we have the mid year exam arc where he refuses to fight with him till it becomes apparent that he needs his help to win and so on. The reason for this irrationality is Bakugo constantly thinks Izuku is looking down on him and beats him down because of this and he’s usually fine afterwards as his superiority is reaffirmed and with his teachers and classmates also telling him he was great that reinforced what he knew but that was in the past and no one’s telling him he’s great now not even himself. Through a series of misadventures and failures he is beginning to feel inferior and its slowly getting to him and after he is taken by the villains another humiliating capture you can see the fire in his eye’s to escape, this can be seen as a re-do on the whole sludge villain incident except this time it’s going to be different because as you know the hero alway’s save the day well technically her in training.

With Bakugo captured by the league of villains Kirishima makes a plea to rescue him with the only people willing come along on his rescue plan are Izuku, Momo, Shouto and Iida but the rest refuse not wanting to get involved as the pro’s are on the case but Ochaco’s argument is the most compelling saying there rescue squad will be in vain because, “I’m pretty sure Bakugo will feel disgraced to be rescued by everyone.” She makes a rather solid point and ever since her fight she has gotten a new understanding of his character so she understands him quite well and with Bakugo’s departing words as he was sucked into the portal telling Izuku to stay and not to save him. Now this scene can be misconstrued because we are seeing this from Izuku’s perspective and not Bakugo’s, look at this scene from his eye’s, Izuku is badly injured and even if he makes it through the portal he want last long in a all out brawl making it harder escape than it is because two people escaping from a villains clutches while one is dead weight is particularly impossible, but all Izuku heard that it would have been to painful to be rescued by him so Ochaco’s words hold a truth in his overall self as this is his general impression that has been presented so far. With his attitude to others believing they are beneath him makes it difficult for others to reach out to him and be received by him in a positive manner. As anyone he views as beneath would cause his fragile ego to be badly wounded and would cause him to push back rather violently against the hand that was trying to save him, so there are very few who can get to him and actually help in a time of crisis especially if Izuku as this would just bring up the feelings of the sludge villain incident all over again as it has similar tones. For a successful rescue depending on any situation they need someone on the team who Bakugo trust’s and respect’s this person and while in their presence doesn’t make him feel inferior, someone he could walk besides as equals and not push him backwards. What we have now is a very short list with only 3 names and the one name at the top is Kirishima.

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