Summer Anime Watchlist 2018

Well with episode 3’s out of the way I have finally consolidated my list of what I will be watching for this anime summer season and what I will be continuing from last season.

1. Overlord Season 3


I love this series, it is one of my favourite Isekai anime of all time and I know that trope has been done to death but the way it is presented is spectacular. The world is alive with detail and while we get the gist of this world and it’s basic mechanics i.e it’s a fantasy world and the more I learn the more horrified I get at each turn which I love to indulge in. The main characters have amazing designs and even the side characters are given distinct features I’m not going to mix up anyone in this show with one another. The main cast is over powered to the tenth degree which can be boring for some but for me it’s fun to see which way they turn for the situation and the political connotations attached to what they do when attacking another country.

Studio: Mad House

Episodes: 13

2. Cells at work


This show is basically an office job anime mixed with monster of the day anime and because this show takes place in the human body the absubirty can be taken to the extremes and still be believable because it’s the human body and that place is weird trust me I have had multiple surgry’s.

Studio: David Production

Episodes: 13

3. My Hero Academia Season 3


I’ve watched all the season and have read the current manga I ain’t dropping this unless Horikoshi does.

Studio: Bones

Episodes: 25

4. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord


We all know the drill here guy’s, a person get’s sucked into, transported to, magicaly appears in another world, we’ve been through this iskeai song and dance before but this time it’s a little different. This may have a generic look, have a generic premise and generic fan service but don’t judge a book by it’s cover, the story so far has kept me hooked and the fan service actually does something for the fans, it actually services them compared to other anime where it shames you for it, I’m writing about you Love Hina.

Studio: Ajia-Do

Episodes: 12

5. Happy Sugar Life


A cute girl who is crazy, add in an assumed kidnapping murder and a protaginst who will do anything to keep the life she knows with her kidnappe. You’ve got a recipe for my favourite type of story.

Studio: Ezo’la

Episodes: 12

6. Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro


I just love everything about this absurd little anime and you know she’s going to get to school but just the absurdity of it all is fantastic that I don’t care that the tension doesn’t really exist I just care about the journey she goes on to get to school.

Studio: Diomedea

Episodes: 12

I know there isn’t a lot of anime on the list but you know what they say quality over quantity and boy am I’m happy with what I’m watching this season.

One thought on “Summer Anime Watchlist 2018

  1. About what you said, quality vs quantity, I absolutely agree with you. Also, there are a lot of shows from previous seasons to watch, so there’s no point in just trying to watch as many from this season as possible.
    Overlord and Boku No Hero are awesome. Chyo Chan I watched a few episodes and it’s good, but not a priority for me right now. Happy Sugar Life I liked the first episode, so I’ll be waiting for the season to end and see if they don’t screw up.


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