Lesson’s Comic Girls Imparted On Me

Comic Girls is an anime, all about cute girls creating manga together under one roof. When I read the premise I thought I might enjoy it but once I got around to watching it, all in all it gave me was a luke warm feeling except for the last episode. But by then it was over. That’s not how you properly execute a story. Your suppose to make me fall in love with the character in about 5 seconds and if not then do it in 3 episodes. You had the time you sons of…I’m just going to stop here before this devolves into a 3 hour rant, the point is I spent my Saturday’s watching this show and I will get something out of it besides the feeling that I ate soup that was three hours late from the kitchen. So here is 20 lesson’s Comic Girls imparted on me through sheer will power of finding something to learn about this show.

  1. If the majority of your life is sitting at a desk, eating junk food everyday and never exercising you will get fat.

2. There will be rejections of your work, a lot of rejection.

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 2.52.37 pm

3. Your family may not support your art so you will have to.


4. Smut might not be the worthiest to draw but it sure sells.

5. Just draw.

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 2.45.45 pm

6. Use your experinces in your stories, whether you abridge it or not is up to you.

7. Don’t bring your manuscript to school. Getting some extra work done is not worth the risk.

8. Burn your failures to make way for new one’s.

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 2.34.33 pm

9. Gather inspiration from the past so you can draw a better story.

10. Saying goodbye to new friends is hard but don’t worry you will see them again but that depends on you.

I have nothing more to write about for this there is so little substance here I can’t go on for another ten of these. I’m amazed I got something out of this anime, there is so little substance here even for a cute girls doing cute things show, there is no meat in this luke warm soup. Learning about Tsubasa’s family should have had some emotional impact on me but is just not that deep. To her it was but it wasn’t conveyed properly to the audience. It is filled with moments that could get a emotional reaction for me but it doesn’t take it all the way. It’s too focused on being cute than it is giving substances to the characters, so all I’m getting out of this, ‘well that happened’ For eleven episodes. If you think I missed a lesson  please point it out in the comments below, I’m going to watch Lucky Star which has way more substance than Comic Girls and I know what people say about that show.


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