PSA Hero's and You

When you dive into My Hero Academia there a few questions that pop up, how do there powers work, is vigilantes cannon, are the light novels cannon, what hero is this and I don’t mean in terms of a quirk type I’m talking about types of hero’s. Those thin grey lines can blur a lot of time and it’s easy misfile the different types of hero’s that don’t adhere to the traditional hero archetype but today I shall teach you the difference between the three main hero archetypes (excluding the traditional hero) that have appeared so far into the story, the anti hero, the reluctant hero, a person born to be a hero and the hero of the hero.

The Anti Hero


The anti hero is motivated by selfish desires which more over than not have nobel intentions, this archetype will often use illegal methods to achieve they’re goal’s as self interest is primary in all counts but depending on their character they can be moved against there own interest if they’re self interests conflict with a person or organisation they want to protect, for these anti hero’s they can do whatever they want, good or bad. Gentle wanted to become a hero simply for the fame but when he could no longer be one he set off on his path of villainy but acts in a non-conventional way busting convenience store owners and causing no gervours harm to those around him, for while his motivations are selfish he also wishes to help people and gave himself up to U.A to save his partner, sacrificing his debut into U.A. Chizome Akaguro is another wayward soul on this path of a anti-hero, as he wanted hero’s to return to there old ways to be hero’s not for money or fame but for the simple act of saving another person and expecting no reward, but no one listened to him and he learnt that his words weren’t getting through to people and so became Stain, letting his actions speak for him by murdering hero’s he deemed unworthy to hold that title.

The Reluctant Hero


The reluctant hero I find is an archetype anyone can fit into wether it be a person down on their luck or a kung fu master who has lost meaning in his work, but in either case it is initially someone who is thrust into a situation they had wished to avoid or had no option but to face this happens by external forces out of their control and over time they find themselves in love with the role they have been thrust into finding a new meaning in it. Shouto Todorki was created for the sole purpose of defeating All Might, he eventually forgot the reason he wanted to become a hero and instead just going along the path as his father wanted him to, but during his fight he realized why he wanted to become a hero and that was for his mother and go’s along his own path not his fathers.

The Born To Be A Hero


The born to be a hero is a character that cannot be without a hint of arrogance, everything in life they have been given is to be the perfect hero, they have the powers, they have the drive and are willing to go above what is necessary to become a hero. In other words they are born with all the gifts and go fourth with all their abilities and defeat the monsters that lay in there way, of course they have a tendency to fail but once they’ve set there sight’s on what they want, be it a position or goal they will go plus ultra to archive it. Bakugo is a classic type of this category he’s got what he needs for the journey ahead of himself and is willing to break others and parts of his personality to achieve his goal, all that matters to him is to become a hero but what that means is up to him.

The Hero of The Hero

Boku no Hero Academia - 03 - Large 24

Leaving the best for last we have the hero of the hero. They are the mentor who passes on the torch to the main protagonist of the story and tend to be much more experienced, often training them up wether it be for a few days, months or the start to finish of their standard hero’s journey. All Might slips into this category, guiding our protagonist and giving him the power to succeed in his quest to become the hero he alway’s desired to be and furthermore out do him in the future. While he is not a great teacher at the start of the series that does not mean he doesn’t improve in technique, showing how dedicated he is to the post that he has placed on himself as a teacher.

So there in total are the types of heros you will meet in the series if you think I have left out a person please out it in the comments below and have a weird day.

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    1. Thanks I owe you one, when I was doing my research I didn’t even see that in All Might. Thanks for leaving the comment, it’s so hard to get feedback from people they just leave likes and some very rarely comment.


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