Convenience, Love and Otauku’s

When Narumi and Hirotaka get together in the first episode I was honestly shocked with a capital S. I can count on one hand how many couples in anime have gotten together in one episode and do you know how many, it’s one and it’s this one, Love Is Hard For Wotaku, but I was also surprised on why they got together, a singular word convenience. With convenient relationships like this it tends to lack a spark or something genuine as Hachiman would say but not in this case as convenience is merely a mask worn by a love sick fool.

What we have is an unrequited crush trying to fulfil itself. Hirotaka’s been in love with Narumi for a long time he just didn’t know how to say it or express so he uses logic to appeal to her base needs, helping her in games, at comiket an extra pair of hands when creating manuscripts. He’s trying to show love with actions instead of words for as the way he is now and how close they are Narumi despite her many years of being around him she won’t be able to process this as she still has him in a certain friend circle so he initially tries to force something more by prohibiting her from speaking about Otaku topics in front of him while they go on a date at amusement parks and regular parks, but Hanako points out that having her change the opinion she has of him will take time. I remember this old book I once read and how each person is perceived by another the person that you know as your self and how others know you are completely different with this he is trying to get Narumi to see more of him as he see’s himself and deeply he’s in love with and how badly he wants these feelings reciprocated.

With his actions he wants Narumi to fall in love with him just as he has with her as he once already tried to change himself to appeal to her, with getting his ears pierced as her current boyfriend at that time had his ears pierced though it didn’t work he just felt self conscious and foolish. He wants this relationship to work so he’s trying. Narumi has no clue about this crush that has started long ago but she does know that he likes her, why doesn’t really matter but for him he wouldn’t engage in a relationship if it was convenient or it was easy he’s not the type to do this, he genuinely wants to be with her yet can’t express it just at this point because he’s waiting for their relationship to change for her to meet him on the same wavelength that he is on and then may his feelings finally be seen as what they are, love.

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