Is Kirishima In Love With Bakugo?

Since the begging of the USJ arc many have shipped Kirishima and Bakugo together but with certain developments makes me ask the question is this a viable ship that can sail into cannon or will it sink once it’s put into the water. Well I’m here today to give my esteemed fujoshi opinion on the matter at hand because this needs to over analysed.

At the very start of the series Kirishima isn’t interested in Bakugo at all finding him rather explosive. During the USJ he seems him keep a level and rational head when the villains attack explaining and his belief that Bakugo has faith in his fellow students that they can take on any villains headed there way as he has assessed that a majority of the villains arm merely weaklings, he then follows Bakugo in support of him and later on something a little more.

After this arc he aims to become friends with Bakugo afterward as we seem them close whenever they appear on screen but we wouldn’t say Kirishima has a crush just yet as he gets excited when thinks of the lovely lady’s on the other side of the wall and not Bakugo who is properly butt naked just soaking in the hot water just a stone throw away from him, now speaking for someone who has had a crush if you had the chance to see some random person naked or the guy your crushing on who would you pick, well if your Kirishima you would probably gourde your own eyes out but if you’re a scumbag like myself you would pick your crush but instead he’s looking straight at the wall but this isn’t the end of this, for like an apple left outside on the ground this begin change quickly yet ever so slowly. These emotions evolve into love from the simplest actions in the Komino Ward Arc a.k.a The Bakugo Rescue Arc

While Bakugo sees him as a friend I believe Kirishima has fallen in love with him, as his disregard of visiting the girls dorms and is continually inspired by Bakugo’s words. At the begging’s of a crush all you want to see is them and are not interested in anyone else and although you may see walking down the street and think she’s pretty your eyes never stray from the one that has enveloped you so throughly.

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