How To Write Children Characters: Part 2 Creepy Kids

When you think of creepy kids what comes to mind is Wednesday Addams and I am sad to say this child is not creepy at least in the horror sense of creepy. The reason Wednesday isn’t creepy is because of the environment in which she grows up in, the parents let the children be who ever they want to be and don’t try to force there lifestyle onto any of there children. In the movie Addams Family Values when there youngest child becomes normal they don’t try to change him but instead accept him and modify there behaviour to suit his needs, reading him Cat In The Hat and making his room lighter rather than there dark gothic aesthetic, these are great parents I just want to add but while Wednesday does come off creepy to her peers and other adults, to the audience she is rather charming as this is just her personality that was aloud to bloom in her parents household thusly she’s not creepy just a charming girl with a Goth aesthetic.

When writing creepy children you must not ignore the environment they grew up in but you can’t have that as crutch for explain why they are creepy as that destroys an integral part of the creepiness like with Michael Myers from the Halloween reboot as what we don’t see can be far more scary than what we do see, what turned this little boy into a murderer why did he do it? We simply do not know and in the first movie it’s never truly explained.

At the beginning of Omen Daimen seems like a perfectly ordinary child then strange things start happening around him for no explainable reason and with the reveal that he is the antichrist it makes him more creepy than less creepy as with supernatural creatures we have less of a grasp of within reality for us they are frightening because they are beyond our control so even if it is explained in such a way it’s still creepy like how all those children in Sinister killed there family’s because of an evil entity inhabiting them forcing to do these terrible things.

The ending scene we see that the children are the ones responsible for the deaths of there family members is a shock to the audience. Children are often seen as sweet innocent creatures and for them to act in such a way, for what would seem neither no rhyme or reason can creep a person out far more than an adult could. When an adult snaps it’s not that unexpected things stack up pretty far such as debt, work and the emotional part of a persons life they can break pretty easy but with children it’s another story, children are far more resilient than we give them credit for so when do something sinister your far more disturbed than you would be of a full grown adult especially when outside forces come into play. When it’s revealed it was an evil deity that caused these children to turn malevolent you are still marginally scared, children are often perceived as innocent beings so when they take a left turn it freaks you out especially in the environment they were raised with no abuse no poverty and no past problems to demonstrate this is what makes them creepy raising a child and seeing them being twisted not from anything the parents did but from factors outside of there control and not completely understanding what they were fighting.

With other children such as Rhoda from the Bad Seed there is no external force such as demons controlling her but her genetics as he father was a serial killer, explaining it nature over nurture. With creepy kids we must dissuade from environmental factors  and instead focus on outside contributors such as the paranormal or a persons genetics or they weren’t given a soul. What makes them scary is the lack of understanding of how they became this way because even when it’s explained by the supernatural, nature of a person or they were just born with something missing, because in the end these are children who are brought up by loving parents who only want what’s best for them and when turn out wrong, not because of what  they did or didn’t do but by external factors outside of their control, isn’t that the most terrifying thing imaginable to not be in control of your child anymore.

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