My Hero Academia: The Movie

It was stated last year that My Hero Academia will be getting a movie by Horikoshi who was super excited by this and dropping art in celebration and we fans were all eagerly awaiting. With the recent trailer drop with it information released some confirming what I already knew and releasing what I already suspected what was going to happen.

The movie will be cannon which is a rapid change of pace as movies from an anime series are vastly not linked to the original story or sometimes just a recap with the characters commenting on there lives like in the assassination Classroom 365 days. The movie will be tied to both the manga and anime with the story centring around when All Might was younger meaning we are going to see his origin story while at the same time also explore the previous One For All users but this won’t just be a Izuku and All Might movie as the entirety of class 1A are headed to a floating city in the middle of the ocean for a reason I have yet to determine where they shall meet the girl in the poster, she is apparently without a quirk and I hope we get the see how quirkless are treated as we have only Izuku from a frame of reference so to explore this more in depth would be fascinating as I only have theory’s of how the quirkless are treated from around the world.

Now we can’t have a superhero movie without a villain and I hope they create someone just for this movie possibly a gag villain as we are already going to have a lot happening in between flashbacks and the character development. Bringing out a top ten villain will drag the mood down and we already have so many possibly interesting plots to explore we don’t really need a villain as far as I can tell or atleast one that would be Willing to decimate all of class 1-A but that is just my opinion from the limited amount of information that I have been given though what I have been shown is quality. The trailer for this movie looks fantastic the production value from the trailer you can tell they are putting in a lot of time and effort into this project so my expectations are extremely high for this production in the terms of animation, so I’m quiet excited for that and with the movie premiering in August I assume this will answer a lot of questions people will have in season 3 for those who only watch the anime so we’ve got a lot to be excited for fans who follow along all paths of this marvellous story from the exploration of the world of My Hero Academia to tying loose ends up at the end of season 3 there’s something here for everyone it appears.

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