How Long Has Moriko Been Playing?

The Recovery of A MMO Junkie has to be on of my top ten favourite series for Winter of 2017 as there is a lot to explore from character interactions to it’s romance between character IRL and on the internet but what intrigues me is how long has Moriko been playing for we are shown times but never the date this question burns within me and I must solve this mystery and trust me there are tons of clues littered within the series due to the colourful backgrounds, clothing choices made by the characters and the ever unimportant background characters.a25861eb90d69d4e239b4a22961609bb7c8e85f6_hqEpisode 1 opens with Moriko walking down a street, there isn’t a lot of clues given to the season with her outfit being a standard business attire. With the progression of the episode we have a few brief glimpses of IRL at the begining of the episode with at least 5 background characters three of which are children. The boys are wearing jumpers and long pants and the girl is wearing a dress with long sleeves and gumboots and from the weather with it being so bright outside yet with the light sprinkling of fog I would have to say we are in the middle of Autumn which for Japan begins in November and with the launch of the Christmas events for MORPGs usually start up a couple of days into December. From the time she has quit her job to the first Christmas event she has approximately been playing for twos weeks and that may baffle you due to the short amount of time and the level 82 she has reached isn’t hyperbole, she could actually reach this level within the short time frame she has been given. Moriko is playing constantly with only needing to sleep, eat and use the facilities when needed it is not out of the possibility that she would reach such a rank in the limited time she has been given. Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 3.52.24 pmAt the end of the 1st episode it has become the 25th of December so we have a nice wrapped up time line for the first episode. With episode 2 judging by Moriko’s heavy coat and the lack of Christmas decorations around the city accompanied with appearance of Sakurai we can assume that we are in January as most companies allow there employees to take from December 30 to the 3rd of January and from Moriko after realizing what the time was and saying that he had work tomorrow with the add on from Sakurai’s reaction of forgetting he had work the next day we can assume it is the 4th of January. Episode 3 is chronological from the ending of episode 2 with that episode everything happens within one day so it’s January 5th.Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 3.28.03 pmScreen Shot 2018-04-01 at 12.11.38 pmWith the continuation of the next episode Moriko is not wearing her heavy coat anymore and instead just a jacket and as we can see from the background some of the tress have gotten leaves while many others haven’t while most trees shed their leaves in the winter to conserve water there’s a variety called evergreen trees which don’t so it’s safe to assume we are still in winter. Later when we get some IRL between Sakuari and Homare they are discussing Sakuari’s obsession with Moriko there’s a flash to the convince store where the cashiers mentions that he has become a regular dinner guest, from episode 3 to episode 4 the time difference is far more significant and for a cashier to mention his frequency of coming in he must have been coming for at least three weeks for it be mentioned combined with the weather January is closing and February is about to begin so I can safely assume it’s the 22th as when Moriko is asked out it’s for Friday as we later see Sakurai bring up the schedule for work and see Homare will be away on the Thursday but Moriko thinks the date is Thursday, from there we have Moriko going on to her computer at night and talking to the Guild Master and another day passes with it now being the 25th and preparing for her date later that day and she later goes on with Sakuari as she get’s the date’s mixed up and in the same episode (6) she then goes on her other date which is on the 26th, with the progression of the episode with it nearly to end when Sakurai goes to talk with Homare we see the tree in the background is without any leaves in the next episode we can clearly see the leaves are starting to bloom on the tree, as trees take 5-15 days to grow leaves and judging how many there are we can point the date to the 8th of February and as episode 7, 8 and the first 8 minutes of 9 both happen in the same day. Episode 9 takes place over three days ending on the 11th and the ending of that episode continues to episode 10 where is indeed Spring as confirmed by the background characters. A boy is riding in the background wearing shorts and a short sleeve t-shirt his friend then zooms by wearing pants and a short sleeve t-shirt with no sweat visible on either of there faces or armpits, the weather is clear and with the accompaniment of the rainbow that appears I can safely say we are now in Spring due to the budding leaves that are in frame in the last few minutes of episode 10 we see Sakurai and Moriko walking together in different outfits so it has been some time after there talk a few moments ago I assume a couple of days at most so the 13th of February.Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 11.44.29 pm.pngWith that we know that Moriko has been playing for 4 months since the middle of November to early Febuary but it feels as though it has been longer.

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