How To Write Children Characters: Part 1 Environment

Writing children characters are often the most complicated to write, you don’t want to make them sound to old and if you make them sound to young the viewer will immediately grow bored of them, you could try writing a smart character but then they come of as unrealistic and if you make them extremely childish or bratty that can come off as improer writing. There is a certain middle ground you have to find with these characters, a sense naivety, followed by optimism, along with a wonderment with the world itself, they are able to see things we cannot. If you have ever read the story Coraline the writer of the series got all his ideas from his 5 year old daughter, that’s the level of creativity that you are dealing with when you write children as the main protagonist or antagonist. Well don’t be daunted by this task, in this series you will learn how to write realistic children characters.

When creating a child character there are a few question you have to ask yourself and one of them is what is the environment they grew up in, is it conservative, overly religious or is it a world where they gladly walk into deaths door with the knowledge they might not come back. Once you have decided on the world you must shape your character around these factors and this way can you possibly make a realistically smart child character.

Made In Abyss a story about a society centred around an Abyss in the middle of the ocean, the mysteries inside have yet to be fully explored, filled with creatures friendly and terrifying, our main characters Rika and Reg set out to explore going further down into it’s depths.

Rika is well versed in the flura and fauna of the Abyss itself as she is fascinated by the mystery’s that it holds along with wanting to become a White Whistle like her mother to explore even deeper than anyone has done before. These goals drive her to learn, it also helps children are naturally curious creatures so for her to desire to learn everything about the Abyss is also infectious for the reader and because she is interested so is the viewer but while knowledgeable she’s still susptible to the other childish mannerisms, she rushes in without really thinking such as her moving Reg after he was knocked out wanting go further, she can be impatient always wanting to get there now as we can probably tell from the current state of where she is in the Abyss and her love of fluffing things keeps in our mind this characters age. So when she must undergo a painful tasks it hurts all the more as we find that children must be protected from such pain, this keeps us watching because we hope Rika will overcome the torment that she is in and not have to face it again but as the viewer we know this is not true.

The Abyss is a dangerous beast the people that dwell in it’s deeps and the creatures who inhabit this world, it is hard to tell who is friend and who is a foe, in this world nothing is as it seems but she doesn’t let it hold her down. Learning how she was resurrected as a baby she doesn’t let it eat away at her or cause a crisis instead keeps moving forward she keeps doing this again and again when faced with other horrors of the Abyss. In this society people don’t grieve for long or if they do they don’t show it they just keep moving onward and while they take time to grieve they only do it once a year at the rembrance festival so it is not out of character for her to act like this. Children are shaped by the society they are born into, their ethics, morals and general disposition are shaped by these factors. A world where a child is given everything they desire will turn out spoiled, a world where the child is constantly belittled will turn out with a inferiority complex, so a world filled with horror you would assume that they to would be filled with a weight to drag them down making them dead eyed and looking for a way to escape there situation they are in well you would be half right about that as I find with children character they have a level of optimism that shines through as from this point of view and it keeps the subject matter from being to overwhelming something that can shut down our ability to emphasise and sythamises with the character. Children characters are the light in the dark they are the hope that things will not stay the same and change which is why having a disturbed child can be so freighting.

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One thought on “How To Write Children Characters: Part 1 Environment

  1. I’ve probably never really thought about writing a child character because I’m not overly fond of stories with children as central characters. This post was interesting and made me think about a lot of characters that before I hadn’t really spared much thought for. Thanks.


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