One Punch Man Season 2

One Punch is a anime I find myself in love with it’s parody references and amazing animation simply entrance me but with the dawn of the second season there is a big change happening with the production, as Madhouse has passed on the project to J.C Staff all though a few familiar face will be coming along to helping the production of the upcoming season.

The character designer Chikashi Kubota, the scriptwriters, Makoto Miyazaki the composer of the music and Tomohiro Suzuki who is in charge of composition is also returning for the second season so we have nothing to worry about in that front, what the main concern is the change in director and the animation company.

The original director Shingo Natsume who is known for works such as Space Dandy, Welcome to the NHK and Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos is handing the reigns over to Chikara Sakurai who is know for Magmoji Rurumo and episode director for Naruto Shippuden from the various interviews I have found he is easy to get along with and his work is up to snuff, he is a good director but he is not the original which counts for all and if anyone has seen episode 4 onwards of From The New World you can tell the difference a director can make to the production, personally though I am not worried about that what I am concerned about is the cane is the production house and how will it affect the animation.

Madhouse thrives on pushing boundary’s creating masterful work that leaves a bubbling taste at the back of your throat on the other hand with J.C Staff it’s just good. As I have seen with Shimoneta a production from their company is a truly interesting show that I have watched 30 times over in both sub and dub and have done a whole analysis on Panty Shots from Shimoneta, it was very creative and the level of detail is beautifully exquisite that I can’t stop gushing about the level of symbolism they put into panties, these people care about there work. Though can we expect the same kind of quality transferred to One Punch Man. Maybe? Many have aquanited J.C Staff to A-1 Pictures due to it’s hit or miss nature, sometimes they can deliver great anime other times it’s a polished ruby that looks like ice cream when it is in fact a turd. Witch Craft Works is a anime I don’t particularly enjoy from there production house as the character designs came off rather ugly and when they try a hand at a action anime falls rather flat, Shana or the Index franchise do stumble around for a bit as they extended slice of life scenes for far to long and the fight scenes are poorly paced, it’s nothing terrible, it does get better though such as the Sisters arc in Railgun S but the second half was just filler that didn’t need to happen, it is fursrating when a company who you know so well for sticking with the source material makes there own shit up just to waste time. There strength lies in creating slice of life shows, they manage to hit there mark dead centre nearly every time, Azumanga Daioh, Honey and Clover, Toradora, Golden Time, are just some of the amazing slice of life anime made by this production house yet I have never heard specifically of this studio till I was researching for my Shimoneta Anaylsis. Desptite the countless titles under there belt many have never heard of JC. Staff and for good reason.

As a whole they don’t have a unique style to them like Gainax or Shaft or the moe cutness of Koyyto animation and they don’t have beautiful backgrounds like P.A works. This company does not stand out, they give good work with art that takes a lot from the source material and don’t experiment with anything possibly not to anger the fans, they are the beer of the anime world, foregtable but it gets you drunk either way and I have to say I am worried on how they will go about adapting One Punch Man. With how the art is a copy and paste of the original style I can honestly say it will be a relegated disaster if they go this route.

One Punch Man’s original art while is interesting it’s not polished but that’s what made the art interesting it was raw unfiltered it came from inside someone who just wanted to create and this can work as we have seen with the anime adaption of Mob Pyscho 100 but for One Punch Man Madhouse decided to polish the art work and there are few and far between moments where the original art work is used but it is not odd rather hilarious because it still matches. Hopefully J.C Staff will keep with the art style the fans have been accustomed to as they promised in a tweet in 2017 but I find that even if they keep things the same as Madhouse I will still find the next season lacking. The day J.C Staff are going to have live up to impossible expectations as the first season has hyped the fans up with the animation, music, story and it’s goofy feeling that it gives. I do wish for my words to betray me though and J.C Staff will measure up. Now it’s just a waiting game, a very tense waiting game.

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