Roy Mustang's Tears Analysis

Warning: Spoilers Ahead.

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood can express so much within a single scene it can be called nothing more than art in its execution and the most impressive scene is during a funeral for a beloved character.

Powerless in the rain

The day of the funeral for Maes Hughes when all fanfare is laid to rest and there are no crying children just a moment of quiet in the sunset between the living and the dead. As Roy stands in front of his friends grave he says to Riza, “Ah, it looks like it’s beginning to rain.” When the sky is completely clear as pointed out by Riza but he assures her that it is and slowly a single lone tear escapes his eye. He appears to be likening his tears to the rain as most strong men do in anime but for Roy Mustang the flame alchemist who becomes useless in the rain or when he gets wet is telling this to Riza his friend, comrade and trusted ally who is usually the one protecting him when he can’t use his alchemy as he sometimes forgets that he can’t use his flames when he becomes soaked and even if he acknowledges when he becomes wet he can’t work around it due to the fact that if he were to use his alchemy then the only way this could happen if it was to ignite in the inside of his gloves and although he could expel most of the flame from the glove fibres he would still damage his hands quiet seriously. Thus is conveying that he feels helpless, accepts this and is asking to be supported in language that he knows that Riza would understand and she does by saying, “we should go inside.” Sheilding him and supporting him in his most darkest and depressing hour.


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