Tide Pod’s And Why You Want To Eat Them

Why do people want  to eat Tide pods so bloody much? because in all seriousness the amount of people ingesting them is ludicrous they are poison, I know they look like candy but why? well the reason why is actually quiet straight forward. It’s is a coalescence visual, odor and textual sensory information these pods express match nutritionally-dense fruit. It’s got the oleic gleam of an avocado, but bright carotenoid-rich coloration like a berry that tells you to eat it, It tends to smell sweet and slightly floral, enhancing that effect, similarly, when you hold it, it’s quiet dense, but very soft and liquid, which tells your mind that this is fruit which has either high sugar or high fat content and almost no cellulose to it.

Which results in your inner monkey telling me this fruit is good and that you should eat it and it takes all the will power in the world to not bite into that poisonous pod.

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