Panty Shot Analysis

I don’t think I need to tell you fan service can saturate a story to the point of distraction it makes a person only see a character as ass and tits so when a big emotional event comes along for them you feel nothing for them because they are simply boiled down to ass and tit’s and whatever characterisation (if they have any at all) they have is buried underneath that, but that also depends on what kind of story your trying to tell as well and how the story is meant to go along with it. A action/martial arts anime I don’t want to see a chicks panties I want to get back to the fighting, a story about a girl trying to loose her virginity I’m okay with the fan service it makes sense here and it would be strange without it but it still boils down to fap material and while it goes with the story it’s not being partially smart about it and that’s what erks me the most. Now many of you have probably never seen smart fan service as I have found only 4 anime such as Panty and Stocking, Re:Creators, Koybashi Dragon Maid Ova and Shimoneta, in that demonstrates the use of this, but the most outstanding fan service is done in Shimoneta A World In Which Dirty Jokes Don’t Exist, which has given a proper execution of how fan service should be used and how it can deliver a meaningful impact to a scene while still giving a forbidden look underneath a girls skirt in the most provocative of ways.

Throughout the series of Shimoneta the best bit of fan service is done in episode 11 where Blue Snow and the Student Council team up to defeat Gathered Fabric.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 10.58.51 pm.png

Placing a torrid of kicks on the goons Anna’s skirt fly’s up and we she her white panties which is the first instance of her wearing that coloured panties in the series. The first time the audience get’s a peak of Anna’s under garments is in the dim light of Tanukichi’s apartment where we clearly see she is wearing aqua coloured panties


but this underwear changes in certain light so they appear more green here then blue giving the same piece of underwear two different meanings. For the Japanese the colour green expresses, freshness, youth and also someone who is new and inexperienced in certain ways, these are prevalent behavioural traits that she exhibits and are soon shown in an extreme light, when Anna breaks into his house and assault’s him putting her panties on his head they look blue meaning villainy and are no longer green, foreshadowing the intense evil that is about to dawn on Tanukichi and those that surround him but once he takes them off and has a look at them the damp part which you can defiantly tell is green and looks like it’s slowly disappearing into nothingness, signalling that evil is starting to take over in Anna and her other characteristics are starting to be overshadowed by her own lust, after this act of violation when you see her undergarments in the clear light of day again they no longer have a green tint and instead look pure blue telling us the sweet Anna we once knew is gone and replaced by crazy villain Anna who becomes one of the main antagonist in the series and whenever we see her panties again they are always blue.


So for her to be wearing white a color of purity is strange even in this instance because the reason she’s fighting them at all is to obtain Tanukichi’s dirty undies, it almost seems like a mistake but the error is thinking that this purity is hers.

While Anna’s reasoning for defeating Gathered Fabric is soiled by her own desires. Blue Snow’s intentions in this situation are not as her determination for a world where information is no longer constricted and people are able to express there desires in a healthy way is pure and so her purity is transferred to Anna as she has essentially became S.O.X’s weapon, we are seeing Blue Snow’s Panties not Anna’s. Though the most impressive part of this fan service scene is the triple meaning to this shot.

Gathered Fabric’s main objective was to obtain used panties with a prevalent fetish for white as White Peak loves to roll in them, with Anna cutting down his goons with ease throwing them across the room as they try to stop her in that moment where they lurch as it looks like they try to grab her panties but the harder they try to get to them the harder it is to reach them. There filthy intentions will not soil S.O.X’s purity and the moment they try to reach them all it does is cause an early death for the organisation, luckily Anna’s wearing appropriate under garments for the funeral.

Shimoneta is a satire on censorship in Japanese media and it’s fairly good but in the terms of fan service it goes above and beyond for the narrative of the story.

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