Away From Here

Worlds beaken me,

a outcast of all don’t you see,

I am sitting on the outside looking in,

I am never connecting, never in.

Although I walk with others,

so singular of I,

to not connect to any world,

in my solitude I dream.

Dream of places that are yet not seen,

finally I can see,

for I cannot belong to either world,

for my dreams are bigger,

dreams so big they crush others.

So I stand alone, walk all alone,

with just me and my dreams,

that will never be seen.

It started so simply just me and you,

Changing all to soon.

Then you threw me away,

abandoned alone fleaing as the world turned grey,

To place where none can reach and so I read.

So bitter and mad you had not headed.

For many years I stayed ignoring the world at bay,

With a single butterfly that fluttered by that day.

Long gone were fantasy’s of a better life with you I started anew,

just me and you.

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