The Meaning Of A Finger And A Thumb

What captivates me about animation is the movements of the characters involved and the planning it takes to express what the character is thinking without saying. Live-action differs from animation in that it involves actual people (unless your using motion capture but that is neither here nor there) where an actor can come up with certain body language on the spot or improvise a line, you cannot do this in animation, unless your Hayao Miyazaki working on Spirited Away of course.

As with animation it is already planned in advance and a lot of the time those small gestures are thrown to the side either forgotten or cut because the cost is to high or because of time constraints, only the most detailed of directors who can push the boundary’s of the budget would bother putting in something as so minuet as a young girl putting on her shoes and banging them on a wall to make sure they stay on. That’s why I was impressed by Net-Juu no Susume when they began using gestures in there animation, it was small but it gave me a lot of information.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 4.42.58 pm.png

In episode one we have Skauria’s co-worker talking about going out to drink together but I assumed it was because they were both going solo on Christmas Eve and he didn’t want to spend it alone but now I know these people are in actuality close friends all due to the simplest of body movement with the tininess of exposition dashed in.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 5.29.24 pm

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 5.29.11 pm

In episode two Skauria’s friend is making hand gestures, the pinky out means “girlfriend” and the thumb out means “boyfriend,” with the possible suggestion that they’re a secret lover or mistress. These few words accompanied by those small hand gestures shows me these two have been friends for a long time, if he just shrugged or just nodded his head I would of assumed a more formal relationship between these men. That this meal was merely an obligation type but because of his actions I know that these two are on a level where they can tease each other without any fear of misunderstanding and can relax¬†an have a drink after a long stressful day at work or half day in Skauria’s case. This was done in episode two.

From anime we get a lot of exposition and sometimes they forget that they are a visual medium and those small gestures go a long way in explaining the character and their relationship towards another person. Of course we see how they are the best of friends in the later episodes but this clears up any confusion on where they stand to the audience very quickly, it feels as though we have a clear picture on how this series will progress and how confusion will be handled with these characters and I have to say this is looking to be one of the better romance anime I have seen in a long time I just hope they keep this pace up.


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