Why Just Why: Your Name Live Action

The announcement of the live action film of the highly proclaimed Your Name has everyone in a tizzy and I understand why this is, it’s because there doesn’t need to be one. The main reasons Your Name is so beloved by so many people is the animation, directing, music, writing and the stunning characters that leap of the screen. By taking away this harmony of creation what you get is just another failed Hollywood adaptation of a beautiful film that needs no perfecting on. You cannot aim higher than perfection and when you try to improve upon it or change it what you end up with is a ruined movie and you know just the main route they will pick to ruin this film, the true underlying cause for this soon be failure of a creation.

Hollywood is famous for shoe horning in romance, just look at the recent Death Note film, they just couldn’t help themselves and ended up chocking the whole film with a romance that was not necessary or portrayed right in the worlds context, Misa was obsessed with Light not the other way around. Your Name wasn’t focused on romance it was a body switching/coming of age movie with a subtle undertone of romance. I am not looking forward to this film at all, I will try and remain hopeful that this will be the one to break the cycle of terrible anime adaptions but I know how hollywood is and I just know somehow this will be a mockery of the original film and I hope someone puts a stop to J.J Abrams and a stop to this movie before it is to late.


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