Great Teacher Tomoko

When you think of Tomoko you don’t think teacher. What comes to mind is anit-social, anxiety riddled, perverted otaku with no social life who is just to cringy when it comes to her failings. But you know what they say there is no better teacher than failure wether it be our own or others. So here is 20 important life lessons Tomoko taught me.

  1. Clothes Maketh the women.
  2. Vacuum cleaners are not slut machines.
  3. Get back up when you fall down.Watamote-Episode-5

  4. The internet has many truths but also many lies, you must sort out the lies from the kernels of truth.watamote2
  5. High school is bullshit.vlcsnap-2013-10-07-20h17m33s27-e1506594504450.png
  6. Make a persons day with panties.Panty's Tomoko
  7. Put the headphones in when listening to a dirty audio file, always.tomoko-and-mother.jpg
  8. Mirrors reflect in our eyes so use another persons sight.
  9. The past is not kind.1407722343541.gif

  10. Don’t stay up late at night reading scary ghost story’s.maxresdefault-1.jpg
  11. Masturbate in class, no one will know.maxresdefault1.jpg
  12. Don’t fuck with the ants, they always get their revenge.Bastard ants.png
  13. When guys are staring at you strangely something weird is going on that you can’t see and they won’t tell because they don’t know how to broach to the subject.stare-e1506598054775.jpg
  14. One good slut is all you need.Need one good friends.jpg
  15. Figure out what you want then go for it, it might end in failure but at least you tried but remember if you never try you can’t fail.20130803-watamote04-01.jpg
  16. Dating sim’s won’t prepare you for real relationships.vlcsnap-2013-11-30-00h03m16s186-1024x576.png
  17. Appear to be doing a lot when in fact your doing very little.1                  18. Party Hard.966c5df9a3c5faa18ce36928a2fdc59b.jpg.gif19 Don’t go to the red light district on your own.20130810-watamote05-06.jpg
  18. If you wish for your life to change you must take action, your life ani’t going to get better on it’s own.Watamote - 10 - Large 06.jpg

So there you have it those are the 20 life lessons Tomoko has taught me, if Tomoko taught you any other life lessons please tell me in the comments below.

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