How Micheal Buble Nearly Drove Me Insane

My first ever job was at a haberdashery and as first jobs went it was extremely boring, my main role was dusting the machines, vacuuming the floor and general cleaning, not the most stimulating work but I got paid so I was content.

The only problem that I had was around Christmas time. Now for most people they would have to deal with crazed customers, shoplifters and that one person who comes in asking for a pair of shoes when you clearly don’t sell shoes. But I had to deal with Micheal Buble, that’s right Micheal Buble and no he didn’t come into the store and ask for shoes.

For those who don’t know who Micheal Buble is he’s a Canadian singer/songwriter that mostly appears during Christmas time, as he sleeps for 10 long months before emerging from his cave to release his Christmas album, which my boss bought.


Now I will admit he’s a good singer but listening to him for a collective of 12 hours per week for 4 weeks with him singing about Christmas constantly is too much Micheal Buble for one person to handle and I couldn’t change the CD at all because my boss had a weird with him. I nearly went insane, during the moments when one song finished there was this small minuscule moment of silence and I let myself hope that it was over and that by some miraculous miracle the CD player had broke and I was freed from the nightmare but it wasn’t it kept on playing those damn songs over and over again.

And now whenever I hear a Micheal Buble song I am magically transported back there, into that living nightmare of Christmas songs.

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