Weird Life: How I Accidentally Cosplayed As Carmen Sandiego


Back in April this year I went to supernova. A fan convention focusing on science fiction, fantasy film, comic books, anime, etc. Usually I would cosplay at these events but due to budgeting issues I wasn’t going to cosplay. And as Melbourne’s weather has the personality of a tsundre, you know the ones I’m talking about, there the ones that beckon you to come outside to enjoy the day with them but when you open the door it rains hell down upon you and when you go back inside they wine and cry for you to come back showing a bit of sun but then it’s all just storm clouds and rain. So to survive this weather I put on my standard outfit which is my red coat, red cloche hat, black skirt and black jumper.

When the doors opened the first booth I walked up to they asked. “Are you Carmen Sandiego.” Now I had no idea who that person was so I answered that honestly by saying, “who is that.” I really should have lied because then it got all awkward with her just looking at me like I was crazy person, so I shuffled away. I thought that was the end of that but it kept on happening, after I was mistaken for her a few more times I just decided to go with it and embraced this unknown character, so for the rest of the day I was Carmen Sandiego I even stood in for a picture and up to me leaving on the train where I heard the famous words, “we’ve found Carmen Sandiego.”

I couldn’t believe it from dusk till dawn I was mistaken for Carmen Sandiego. I wasn’t even trying to cosplay and it turns out whenever I put on this outfit I am Carmen Santiego… I do wonder if people on the street think I’m crazy when they see me walking down in my outfit. The recponist at a strip club told me I look like a serial killer once though…But that’s a different story for another time.

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