Why Sir Nighteye Is Wrong About Deku

Warning: Spoilers for the anime and manga.

When Sir Nighteye is testing Deku for an internship at his agency he plainly states that, “Miro should have been the one to inherit “One For All.” He is completely wrong about this.


When he looks at Deku he can only see his quirk or rather a lack of one. Which is to be expected in the society of My Hero Academia. A persons worth is judged by what kind of quirk they have. So when he finds out that One For All is passed onto this quirkless creature he cannot figure out why or what All Might saw in him to give this amazing power to Deku. While there is a boy who would be suited perfectly for taking All Might’s power and that is true.

If you looked at Miro on paper he is the perfect candidate, especially on how you theorize One For All work on his body. He could use at least 20% of the power right off the bat as he has trained his body not just his quirk for years, the implications are that he would be like a mini All Might and that’s the problem.

Society has learned that they cannot rely on one person to be the pillar of peace and are looking for ways to reform their current structure by creating small hero teams to take on this burden instead of one person, if you only have a singular pillar holding up the world it will crash down once it’s removed but have many and although it will tilt it will never fall. In the book of “The 8 Laws Of Change by Stephan A. Schwartz he describes the best way to change society is by non violent means and small, individual choices.” The current society is changing and with knew foundations you must rip up the old ones.

If Miro took up All Might’s title this would continue the stagnation within society and nothing would change adding on to the fact that Miro is not that bright.

While Miro is not as dumb as a rock he his no strategist and the only reason he is in the top 3 students was because of his quirk not his mind. To be the symbol of peace you need brains in your head, All Might may not seem like it but he is actually quite bright. The time that Miro was training to use his quirk Deku was studying hero’s and their strategy’s for taking down villain’s and in return created his own.

While Deku’s progress with One For All is going extremely slow he is picking up the pieces and putting himself together to forge his own identity.

Miro and Deku share many characteristics, just Miro exhibiting them more strongly. He is everything that Deku is not, self confident, charismatic and has extremely creepy eyes that give me nightmares coupled with a straight face that makes me want to scream in terror.

Miro is what I call a classic hero, a person who was not the underdog for long, while he did struggle with his powers he overcame it and in turn became one of the most powerful students at U.A. But Miro was born with a quirk meaning he is significantly disadvantaged unlike with Deku who was born without one.

When Bakugou was attacked by the Slime villain all the hero’s were standing around waiting for someone with a better quirk to arrive to deal with the situation, if Miro with only his quirk had been there he would be fruitlessly trying to combat this slippery villain while Bakugou is slowly choked to death as he can’t break him free.

In this society people have a over dependency to rely on them using it as there only form of fighting except for the few who are cannot do this. With the people who don’t have a fighting quirk they have to get creative, making them better hero’s as this open their minds to develop new ways to handle the situation before them and don’t give up just because there quirk isn’t suited for the battle, they find their way around it. While Miro understands this concept he is early Naruto in his battle tactics, punch them till they’re on the ground as it were and that is not a good strategy when you’re faced with an enemy that negate your quirk and in this world where villains are smart with extremely dangerous quirks his chances when faced with a villain that is stronger and smarter than him when he’s all alone, well the odds are not in his favour. He will be essentially repeating the same cycle that All Might started. Continuously sticking to the same foundation as his predecessor not knowing that the pillar of peace is a faulty one until it is to late.

For society to change so does it’s heroes otherwise there is nothing left but stagnation.Sir Nighteye can only see how Deku’s not like All Might and not the future of how society will be shaped by this boy and how he will handle this new world order that society demands from the hero’s. But that’s expected for a guy with foresight not future sight.

6 thoughts on “Why Sir Nighteye Is Wrong About Deku

  1. I totally agreee with you, but let me say that I am so glad that you also feel that Miro’s eyes are creepy. I get it that he’s nice, but those eyes *shudders*

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    1. Not to be offensive but I find Mirio endearing. He’s kind of cute for me. But I find Tamaki more charming with his shy and vulnerable disposition. Makes me wanna protect him.

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  2. Mirio may look like someone who doesn’t think nor is he not like Midoriya who plan ahead, but Mirio is kind of perceptive. He even almost immediately felt Chisaki’s bloodlust when he and Midoriya first met the guy and Eri. He’s mature and level-headed. Always showing off a smile to ease those around him. I agree though, with All Might passing the One Of All to someone like Mirio, it’ll be like a second All Might and society will have no problem in proclaiming him as the new Symbol Of Peace, leaving the world in a stagnant state. With an unpredictable and virtuous soon to be hero like Midoriya, I’m sure he can change the system. With how things are going in the manga, society is already in it’s baby steps of slowly changing. All they need is one big push. Sir Nighteye is an avid fan of All Might, he predicted All Might’s death and in the course of the years, have been trying day and night to somehow, change the future. But, if there is something that Sir Nighteye is lacking, it’s his strong will to really change the future. He always claims that the future is set. That you cannot do anything to change it. Midoriya broke his beliefs about that when he manages to save Eri and not die when Sir Nighteye already had visions of him dying alongside himself, Eri being taken and Chisaki escaping. Like I said, Midoriya is one unpredictable fellow. Yeah, he’s slowly managing the quirk All Might gave him but he’s getting better. He’s slowly making that quirk truly his. Midoriya is going in a steady pace where he can learn a lot from the people around him and use One For All better. To be not like All Might but be someone who saves people with a smile. Adoration for All Might can also be a chain to Midoriya, stopping him from fully using his potential. For him to be the hero he wanted to be, he must not think of All Might as a god or someone whom he cannot surpass. Bakugou had a good grasp on what I’m talking about. Always saying that he’ll surpass All Might and being number one hero is what he wants to achieve while still admiring the man. Over all, I agree with this. Not just on the part with Mirio. The guy deserves a little credit ‘ya know. He has good virtues of helping people when they’re in trouble even without them asking for help and a good student that can also be a phenomenal hero when he debut.

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  3. nah you’re fucking wrong. mirio would have been the best candidate. he wouldn’t be a second almmight. and even if he was, so what? deku is more like almight than mirio. so what’s your point there? the world needs a symbol of peace, not stupid change. also, almight wants to continue the tradition of the symbol of peace. otherwise, let the one for all power die. it would not make any bloody sense to not have a symbol of peace, u retard.

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  4. Full disclaimer as I’m not completely caught up with the manga but without further ado HERE’S MY OPINION. So I agree that Nighteye was wrong but not because Mirio wouldn’t be a better candidate but in his reasoning. That being Deku not having a quirk which I think is the wrong way to judge wither or not someone is fit but that’s besides the point. The manga may make you feel like Deku is a great strategist of some sort but in reality he’s only good against opponents he has seen in combat. You see it the sports festival arc with Shinso and the Overhaul arc in his fight with Overhaul (both in which he was warned about and still rushed in with no clear plan). Most of Deku’s plans are 10% plan 90% self sacrifice which may make for a wholesome character you want to root for but not a good strategist. Deku also seems to copy other peoples style of fighting… When it’s not very obviously All Might and Bakugou, it’s Iida so YEAH. I think Mirio could definitely make One for All his own quirk because he did the same with his given one. I also think there’s a bit of cherry picking when saying Deku would ‘shift societies views’ in how the symbol of peace works when his whole thing is BECOMING THE LITERAL SYMBOL OF PEACE. Deku straight up tells All Might to keep living so he can see him grow into the new symbol. I can go into further detail but I think this is good enough.


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