Review: The High School Life Of A Fudanshi


Ryo Sakaguchi is a regular high school boy, just like any other. He turns out to have a deep love for Boys’ Love. He could live on Boys’ Love alone! The High School Life of a Fudanshi is a hilarious slice-of-life comedy about Fudanshi Sakaguchi and his jolly gang.

My Thoughts

The High School Life of a fudanshi is the truest representation of what a fudanshi is. In another anime series called ‘Kiss Him Not Me’ they used the fudanshi as the protagonist and I was hoping to see the true nature of an avid boy’s love fan, but no it devolved into an otome game and did not portray the true nature of a fudanshi at all as it only showed only one aspect, the obsessed fangirl stereotype. The High School Life Of A Fundanshi shows all aspects of the fudanshi experience the good and the bad.

The Main Characters

Ryo is not gay or an effeminate man, he just prefers to ship guys together. With the plot just revolving around what he and his friends getting into some of the most hilarious conversations as well as situations.

Rumi the fangirl who grew around up around the Otaku culture, who befriends Ryo after a small mountain of awkwardness, these two explore the boundless world that is BL together.

Toshiaki the typical guy friend of Ryo’s who isn’t into BL at all. Often mistaken for a girl from behind and questions his friends sexuality more than once. He has a tendency to play the straight man in almost all situations.

I won’t go into the side characters as they are so two dimensional you would take about one second to figure them out, but I will say they are all BL fodder, they are there to put BL into situations and make the series funny that is what they are there for and they do this part well.

The Grand

The episodes are three minutes long so it does not overstay it’s welcome nor does it drag on; it’s quick, it’s direct and the jokes stick the landing even in English and you can marathon this sucker without having to tape your eyes open at the start of the next day. Through out the series we are taken into the wonderful world of a Fudanshi, reading about the insane fangirls who plague fan forums who constantly choke down BL fodder as if it were there last meal, having Ryo meet someone just like him in the real world and forging a connection made entirely out of there perversions. It truly is art-imitating life in this aspect and pure to what is down to earth boys love community.

The Bad

While the art style is very beautiful for such a small production it can be quite lazy in some scenes, with the close ups and the darkened background with no lip movements and only dialogue, I understand the character is talking in his head but they reuse it so much it becomes agitating especially when they use chibi characters with minimal movements or use deconstructed art, when you have such limited time you need to put your best foot forward.

The series is episodic in nature and can get tedious after a while giving you a sense of de ja vu because you thought you clicked on the next episode not replayed it. Also you would think this series would be blaring out a obvious BL play by play situations, but they simply aren’t there or are very watered down. Of course like any anime series there are hints at it much like with the yuri in a girls slice of life show, they tease you with the idea even setting up the scene but it never plays out it’s quite the cock tease, which generally makes me enraged as I hate these fake outs but in defense of the series these are more close bro relationships that barley tread into the homo, the flirting between the guys is shown that of a closeness.

The Setting and Music

As for most anime the setting takes place at a school, big shocker there right, but it is co-ed which I find rather fascinating, in a BL series it’s almost like girls don’t exist, they are used mainly as cannon fodder casting and generally either spewing exposition or being a fake out love interest though we know it isn’t ever going to happen. Here in this series they actually play around with this idea and it’s actually seen as possible more than a few times.

And as for the music Sekai wa Boy Meets Boy, it is the perfect ending song for this anime, it’s quick, it’s catchy and it is memorable and plays off Ryo’s fantasies. There’s not much left to say, the song did its job and did it well.

The Shipping

Rumi and Ryo make the perfect pair of friends because of their love for BL. You don’t hope that they will get together and whenever it’s hinted that it could happen it’s immediately disproven with comical scenes of hostility proving that these people cannot get together.

While many of the side characters are given possible romantic attachments to the guys their flirting with, it goes nowhere, it’s more of a visual fan service to all the BL lovers watching as their imagination can fill in the rest.

The Conclusion

The embarrassment from buying a BL novel while despairing over spending vast amounts of money they part with to get that elusive doujhinshi that they have waiting three years to find.

These are all the emotions real Fudashi have felt for their beloved fandom. This series is perfect for anyone who is a fundashi or is introducing them to BL culture but be warned this series can get a little tedious after a while. I give this series three and a half stars.

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