Candy Skull Shoes Review

Today I am going to review Candy Skull shoes they are from a brand called Hot Chocolate designs. In this review I am going to go over the aesthetics, durability and the ergonomics. As this is the criteria in which I base buying all of my shoes.

From the mere first look of these shoes drew me in as if it were a siren were singing a beautiful lullaby. They are cheerful and a little grim, it reminds me strangely of the child like innocents of Ruby Gloom and the quirky style of Harley Quinn, they have really thought about the aesthetics for this piece and aiming it at those who enjoy a little gore with a little cute.

The ergonomics seem to have taken a back seat to the aesthetic, as I can’t wear them for long amounts of time without my feet blistering and burning, not a great work shoe for those who are on there feet constantly.

After some use the strap has a little crack, this happened after minimal amount of use and I got these shoes 2 months ago. I honestly expected that because of the way it was printed but I was horribly disappointed how quick it took to deteriorate. Though other than the cracks on the straps there has been no other deterioration and has held up well.

For the final scores:

Aesthetics 10/10

Durability 7/10

Ergonomics 5/10

These are not the most uncomfortable flat shoes I have ever worn but I definitely would not put them on if I was walking across Europe or running in a race. These shoes are more for fun quirky trips to Luna park or if you were going to the movies with friends, these shoes are only meant to be worn in short amounts of time.


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