How To Sew A French Seam

French seams and parisans have many things in common, there high maintance, complicated, have a tendency to make you cry out in frustration and look absolutely stunning (though I loathe it admit). Anyway today I am going to teach you how to sew one of these annoying little pests.

First you want to have the good sides of the fabric facing outward and the bad sides facing inward, to tell them apart I suggest you mark the bad side of the fabric to tell which side to sew on.

Now because my seam allowance is 1cm I’m going to sew 0.5cm down the side, place the fabric on the edge of the foot, for those with domestics figure out where the .05cm is. Then start sewing and like when you hook up with a guy or girl remember go as slow or as fast as you feel comfortable with because if you rush you can make mistakes and 70% of those times when you rush, an accident occurs and trust me you do not want that.

Once it is sewn get out your scissors (these are mine there kind of big), use whatever pair you feel comfortable with. There’s no shame in using a small pair no matter what anyone else says, the more control you have when doing this the better. You don’t want to get to close to the stitching otherwise the pieces of fabric will all fall apart, now that’s done lets go to the iron.


Iron both sides and then with the seam allowance iron it to one side. Fold the fabric with the seam right down the middle make sure it’s not over to one side, right down the middle. Then iron it down to make it stay. Don’t over iron otherwise it will create shinny patches.

Back to the sewing machine, now you want it as close to the foot to get 0.5cm this is where the rest of the seam allowance is going, remember control is key without control you’re just like that character on the walking dead, you all know which one I’m talking about.

Open the seam to check that there aren’t any stray threads and then iron the seam open and tada a beautiful french seam. Now I decided to do .5cm on the inside and outside but you guys can go smaller, you can sew .7cm on the inside and a .3cm on the outside and you can go even smaller, I have heard of the legendary .1cm seam it is a fable among sewers but some believe it to be true. I would suggest that you would you use this seam in shear fabrics and any fabric that is weak as french seams are strong.

I hope you found this informative please like and follow me because that makes me happy.

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