A Letter To A Friend

Dear Nagisa,

For some strange reason I feel sad for you, mainly because you are slightly disappointed in your life so far, so I wrote you this letter to try and put things in perspective to you. At the end of the series he bemoans how he has only grown 1cm since middle school and complains how everyone has grown but him and his life as a school teacher was not what you expected, but Nagisa you shouldn’t despair. I hate to tell you this but you are at an average height for a Japanese man and the reason Karma is towering over you is because of his love for strawberry milk and genetics. So do not bemoan simple things such as your height, girly face or your piss poor students. You are doing an impossible job as guiding students who have wandered so far off track is far harder than anyone can tell. So don’t get hung up on the small things okay, for if height was self worth you would be 10 feet tall.

Loving regards,



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