Weird’s Weird Theory: Yamada and Tomko Are The Same Person

B G H Kei and Watamote are too different animes right? BGH Kei a comedy about a girl trying to make it with a hundred guys, but still a virgin so shes trying to make it with a cherry boy for her first time so she will gain confidence for the next 99 she plans to do, imagine Panty except not as confident. The other is Watamote a cringe comedy about a young high schooler named Tomoko who’s sole mission in life is to become popular but due to her crippling social anxiety cant talk to anyone thus in a state of permeant solitude. But as I watched the two more and more I began to realize that Yamada and Tomoko share some characteristic which have led me to belive that Tomoko is merely a nightmare of the Yamada’s, now your probably wondering how this is possible, well let me present you with some hardcore facts that the world of Watamote is all just a nightmare that Yamada cooked up in sex riddled mind.

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 7.26.34 PM.png

Fact 1. (Virginity) Yamada wants to lose her virginity though every time she comes close to having sex she freaks out and either runs away from the situation or just freezes up, we see this fear represents itself in Tomoko who constantly complains about the stench of virginity upon her skin and her hatred of it but can do nothing to get rid of it due to her crippling anxiety, along with her lack of social grace.

Fact 2. (Beauty is popularity) One of Yamada’s greatest fears is losing her popularity or losing it to someone else who she believes is unworthy, Yamada often attributes her power from her beauty. Tomoko is not exactly the ugly duckling though she isn’t as drop dead gorgeous as Yamada making her looks about average, but to Yamada looking average to her equals to ugliness thus diminishing her popularity and losing what little power she has.

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 11.50.04 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 2.49.52 PM.png

Fact 3. (Boobs)Yamada is obsessed with boobs and as we can see Tomoko is not a chesty girl and she would be afraid to loose what little breasts she has.


Fact 4. (Background Characters) The background characters in B G H Kei are quite similar to the ones in Watamote, they never directly interact with the main character but in the end they influence her by giving her ideas when she ‘accidentally’ eavesdrops on them, for example when Yamada doesn’t wear panties it’s because she overheard it from the two girls in her class and the same goes for Tomoko for the walk in the woods test.

Fact 5. (The younger sibling) Both Yamada and Tomoko have a younger sibling, both of these siblings are more popular and understand basic social cues. They are both roped by there older sister into helping them, for Yamada it’s whenever she is lost on basic social cues and needs to talk them through with her sister. For Tomoko she goes to her younger brother to help with her social problems when she finds she can no longer talk with people. Although Chika helps her sister she does it out of sisterly duty and never begrudges the idea of helping out her sister.

Tomoki is more reluctant he only agrees to help Tomoko out after she threatens to kill her self, he doesn’t come to her and offer advice, only when Tomoko is down in the pits and she comes to him is when any sibling bonding goes on. The importance of both younger siblings is that there supposed to help there older sisters, but as Tomoki is generally more of a sounding board to his sister doing more harm than good as a person talks with another to either figure out a problem or at least get some advice otherwise we would talk to a wall. Chika is not a sounding board she actually does and says things that help her sister.

Fact 6. (The best friend) Tomoko’s only friend is Yu. Yamadas only friend is Takeshita, I say this because in the series she is the only person Yamada disclose personal information to. The parallels between these two girls is quite similar, both have boy friends, both have giant boobs and they both put up with the general pervertness of their friends to astonishing degree.

Fact 7. (Pervert factor)Tomoko has her perverted moments just like Yamada does just not as open about it, it’s hidden deep down where only we can see, without these perverted moments Yamada would loose a part of her basic personality making her rather bland like Tomoko who is rather colourless when around other people.

As you can see from the evidence I have collected the comparisons to Tomoko and Yamada are quite parrell, now your all probably saying the timeline of Watamote and B G H Kei don’t match up as B G H Kei came out in 2010 and Watamote came out in 2013, well the fact of the matter is they do, just not in the way you think.

As you can see from the evidence I have collected clearly shows the comparisons to Tomoko and Yamada are quite parrell, but the timeline of Watamote and B G H Kei don’t match up as B G H Kei came out in 2010 and Watamote came out in 2013, but in fact they do.

We can assume that Yamada is around 19-20 years old because as in the anime it says she just got out of Middle school and generally when a person leaves middle school in Japan they are around 15-16 years old, so we can conclude that Yamada’s a Young adult now, but your probably asking how does this circle back in with the nightmares, why now when she is a young adult when middle school is clearly dead and buried.

Middle school for her was one most important and stressful times in her life, trying to lose her virginity, trying to figure out her feelings for a guy, dealing with high school crap, when she’s young it seems to just fill her days, making it the most important time in her life, due to the date of when Watamote came out Yamada is now in college and is in an environment with a lot of stress with a lot of new situations she may not know how to deal with or maybe she and that guy broke, yamada was really invested in him and to lose the guy she was trying to seduce all throughout her middle school life would defintly cause her anxiety, Takeshtai is probably off at another college and they can’t really speak anymore, which seems quite plausible as the distancing scene  in the park shows a bridging gap between them, this could easily be Takeshtai moving further and further away from Yamada. As her life becomes a magical place were everything is going great for her, while Yamda is struggling with her new life and feels like a failure.

With everything changing so fast it has probably made her extremely stressd out thus giving her nightmares about how her high school life would have turned out without Takeshtai, without her beauty, without Kousda. To me Yamada and Tomoko are the same person just on different wave lengths.

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