To Buy Or Not To Buy Cosplayer’s Choice

I use to cosplay but I had to stop due to the fact that it cost way to much to continue  without major financial backers as I made the outfit myself. And I didn’t want to buy a cosplay as it felt lazy to me as I am a costumer, because of this factor it took me a long time to come to the conclusion that it is okay to buy your cosplay.

Finding the time and the money for your outfit is extremely hard, the fabric alone runs into the hundreds including the make-up (depending on the brand). I find a lot of the cosplayers I hang around  are rather understanding of the certain constraints a person has when cosplaying and all the hate that is generated to people buying their cosplays is actually not about that at all, it’s rather about the contests they enter.

What sets off a lot of people is the fact that they enter Cosplay contests, these contests themselves are about showing off your sewing skills, make up skills and acting skills, so when a person comes in only doing their make up wearing a store bought cosplay while standing perfectly still, it’s fair they are upset.

The main theme of cosplaying is to have fun enjoy being another character for the day; be a billionaire, be a crazy clown, be a trap, the main focus is that enjoy the day with a bunch of crazy people who are just like you.


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