Bob's Burgers Theory, Louise and Her Hat

On reddit there have been a few rumors going around about why Lousie wears a hat all the time, some say she is going bald others say it’s to hide her likeness to Linda.

Louise may not be going bald as she is just too young for that but there is a possibility she may have a bald spot.

There is a possibility that her scalp did not fuse properly this is called craniosynostosis and effect 1 in 2,500 thousand infants, thus creating a bald spot on her head. There are four major types of craniosynostosis but they all amount to the same thing, a bald spot. The spot itself may not be that big for when the scalp does not fuse together it’s usually as only as big as a 10 cent coin but to a kid it can seem quite large.

Now from previous flash backs Louise has her head in a hat as a baby she would not have been able to put that hat on herself so her parents must must’ve been the one to cover it up but why?

I doubt they would’ve been ashamed of her bald spot just look at Bob he was already balding by that time and he didn’t cover that up, unless they were ashamed with themselves.

One of the ways a persons scalp does not fuse is by placing a scalp electrodes on the infants head while they are still in the womb, these are generally placed on the baby to monitor the heart and only done so if the doctor believes the child’s life is in danger once attached these things can cause the plates in a persons head to not fuse properly.

This would be classic parent shame as they have physically mared their child for life and decided to hide it from everyone outside of the immediate family.

One thought on “Bob's Burgers Theory, Louise and Her Hat

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