Gem Harvest-The Inner Look

Recently a press image was released for the Steven Universe episode Gem Harvest where we see all the gems except Steven in the image, as he’s the only one not in the picture we can conclude that he is the subject there all gazing upon but why would this be and with such queer expressions, after a great deal of time I have dissected there facial feature along with their body language which tell’s the entire story of what there looking at or what I believe they are looking at.

Garnet is smiling, now we all know why Garnet generally smiles fusion seems to be her trigger for showing a smile that looks as though it may crack her face in two, but this smile doesn’t look as though it would break her face in half, it’s a soft sweet smile like the one she wore in Log Date 7-15-2 when she was looking up towards home world.

I find lapis smiling extremely strange as she does not smile a lot and whenever she does I can sense a weight on her shoulders as if a constant beating down on her back holds her smile from actually being a smile. The one she wearing now with her guard down, I have only seen this once before when Lapis was on her way home. Her entire body is telling me she is looking upon an old friend that she hadn’t seen in a while, someone she once cared for deeply and is extremely glad to see them.

Moving onto Pearl’s face she doing an O thing that reminds me of a fish, this actually gives away a lot on what is happening, as we have seen before pearl’s surprised face which is frazzled with mouth askew with eyes enlarged in such away that it would look strange in real life. So what ever she’s seeing does not surprise her but intrigues her.

Amethyst’s bears a similar look to Pearl’s face, it is a look of wonderment not truly surprise as I find her surprised face is more expressive like Pearls not a controlled ooh like she did when she connected the dots with lion, this more of a quiet surprise.

Now let’s explore Peridot’s face the most important face in the image as it is the most expressive. Yes the cat face is the most important face, throughout the episode message received we see her making that similar face whenever she is talking about the Diamond’s and dissecting Pearl’s outfit in Back To The Barn, I have also seen it worn when’s trying to understand certain basic things. During her conversation with Yellow Diamond her mouth it is slightly warped but it is still her cat face, this entire expression she’s making tells me who she is looking upon; she adores this person and is excited to meet them, while also intrigued by them but is not afraid of them in the slightest like with Yellow Diamond.

Now what gem are they looking at with such wonderment, what can grab there attention such as this, to show such a variety of looks?

After constantly re-watching Steven Universe episodes I believe I have found what the creators of the show are leading up to. We know that Steven can enter the minds of those around him, we have seen him enter dreams, take over his friend Lars body and talked to the cluster. Steven may very well heal a corrupted gem completely of it’s tear in this episode, as Garnet explained in Monster Reunion “What if Mc Bear Bear didn’t tear the fabric of his arm but of his mind” and after the latest promo I think there going along with this line of thought. To some this image is not saying anything but to me it’s saying hello old friend it’s nice to meet you, I have missed you, I don’t know who you are, this is really happening and oh my it’s her.

And as the next episode is gem war in the line up, what better way to introduce us to this heart breaking tale than with someone pacifically afflicted by the war to tell what happened back then.


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