Why Just Why: Johnny Bravo Another Reboot?

So it has just been announced by Cartoon Network they are rebooting the Johnny Bravo series, if this had been 2015 I would have been thrilled at the news but after watching the Power Puff Girls reboot and the reboot of Teen Titans I am apprehensive of how this 2017 fall reboot will be going especially with how they wish to tell the story now.

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Apparently the show will no longer be called Johnny Bravo but instead Suzy and Johnny, with Johnny being a sidekick and both of them being the same age (if any of you watched the old show you would remember suzy being a young girl).This is a classic case of big companies  castrating men to pander to feminists.

“Johnny Bravo was a dark chapter in Cartoon Network’s history. We had this musclehead character harassing and sexually objectifying women for laughs. He was a symbol of the toxic masculinity that permeates our society,” stated Christy Millhouse. “He kissed a girl in one episode without her consent. We’re not proud of that. We influenced a generation of young men. We have Johnny Bravos out there now who think approaching women aggressively with bad pick up lines while flexing their muscles and dancing is okay. It is not. ”

Johnny Bravo to many was a stereotype of the guy we should want, he was a incredibly hot guy who was muscular with had the smoothest voice, but he had a tendency to fail at getting any girl as deep down he was a dumb wimp. Some may say his attitude was threatening to young women but I just though of him as a goofball.

For this reboot they are actually ditching the old writing and animation teams and I am honestly a little afraid of that as they will not be able to capture the essence of what Johnny Bravo is though they are technically not rebooting the series. The new creative team is headlined by Andromeda Antony, a woman with a bachelor’s degree in woman’s studies, a master’s degree in gender studies, and a doctorate in woman’s gender studies.

“I’m loving this chance to change history. 2017 will have a new Johnny Bravo that women will love. I can’t share all the details now but expect a softer more feminist Johnny. The muscles and ugly yellow hair fin are gone. And with that goes the chauvinistic humour too. The influence of the old show is felt to this day. Some man tried to holler at me as I biked to work. He said ‘how it’s cooking, good looking.’ He objectified me sexually and assumed that I cooked. I do not cook. I am a strong proud independent woman who orders take-out every night. No woman should feel as threatened as I did when that man said that to me. Events like this occur because of shows like the old Johnny Bravo. ” said Ms. Antony.

This new and improved Johnny comes a new catchphrase replacing his old iconic “do the monkey with me” with “fight the wage gap with me. ” This catchphrase makes we want to vomit and apparently this new and improved Johnny has caused some problems  behind the scenes so hopefully this bastard will die in the womb before it can even have life breathed into it.

Reboots like this make my blood boil, these are clearly shows that wish to get viewer ship, sell toys and generally destroy the brain as they turn these shows I loved as a kid into a unrecognisable mess as they try to make it more pc for the times,  if you want to make a show about the struggles about being a modern woman while talking about harassment, if you want to make a show like that fine do that just don’t call it a Johnny Bravo reboot.

References: https://cynicnomore.com/2016/04/13/cartoon-network-to-reboot-johnny-bravo-in-2017/

5 thoughts on “Why Just Why: Johnny Bravo Another Reboot?

  1. You just didn’t get it, what some of us perceived was that the women came back more independent and stood up for themselves, making Johnny Bravo not the person he portrayed himself to be. Your bad experience does not reflex the options of many of us long time viewers. Henceforth understand this is the future, women are so much stronger and it won’t affect our strong will to be independent.


  2. I am damn furious not only are that shitting on a great lovable goof from many childhoods there also shitting our childhoods directly aswell, i cant believe they’d do this to my idol (yes hes my idol)


  3. From the amount of cruddy reboots these days, I have no more hope in Cartoon Network… There are tons of pilot episodes that have so much potential o their channel, but they reject them for “kid appealing shows.” If you want something to be good, at least have it appeal to a wider audience. Adventure Time is ending next year and the same may happen with Steven Universe and The Amazing World of Gumball, plus with Cartoon Network not caring for Clarence or We Bare Bears, what will they be left with? I hope its not a bunch of childish crud.


  4. The women always stood up to Johnny! That’s what’s important! How is it that the audience are what understand the TV show more than the creators? I’m sorry but “Ugly Yellow fin?!” THE LEAST YOU CAN DO IS KEEP JOHNNY LOOKING THE WAY HE ALWAYS DOES! I would watch this cartoon all the time back in elementary. Around 6 to 12, and I always found it cool how much Johnny loved his mom, or how much he cared for LITTLE Suzy! Guess what? I’M 14 AT THE MOMENT AND A FEMINIST AND NOTHING ABOUT THE ORIGINAL BOTHERED ME!

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